Sunday, December 23, 2012

Why Do We Have Lists?

Is it really ALMOST CHRISTMAS???  ALMOST 2013????  It's 2 days till Christmas... I don't have all my shopping done...the baby is eating cinnamon roll on the floor, Emmie is running around in a reindeer costume, the boys are playing and me & Nate are sipping coffee, feeling EXTREMELY OLD b/c we are trying to figure out a piece of new technology in our home!  But on the bright side I am finally posting some December pics?  Let's not focus on the fact that I didn't post about Jensie's birthday or Noah's pheasant hunt!  That will get me down. I might add those later :) but for now.... We are moving forward! The holidays are too exciting to skip! 

 I have enjoyed some moments of the month!  From our precious church program and sweet singing to my daughters program at school to the simple walk around our neighborhood looking at lights on a mild December night to Emmie's Christmas dance recital to Santa showing up at our door with cookies and egg nog and coming in to read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to my kids!  I love my nutty friends!  I have enjoyed the delight in my children's faces when they find our "Buddy Christmas" (elf on the shelf) each morning...even Jensie knows who he is!  :)  I have enjoyed the CRAZY, Techno Christmas music at my Tabata class at the gym!  HILARIOUS!  It will keep you moving!  :)  The Christmas parties...the friends.... and let's not forget all your CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!    Happy, jolly, joy everyday!  :)  Well...until you try to go anywhere... the traffic... the shoppers... the STUFF.... Yuck...poo....Yuck!  Can't we just all skip the STUFF part?  Why do people have LISTS?  Jesus didn't have a list... the wise men just brought gifts!  It should be a season of magic and love and giving and sharing.... but instead we have LISTS!  We have to do this, go here..go there!  I WANT THIS!  I WANT THAT!  Our poor, precious country.... the sad events that occurred... should put so many things into perspective for us....Just being at home with your family should be suffice this year and every year!   The Simple Things!  We are not promised tomorrow.... so live today and everyday like there is no tomorrow.  I have literally done that this past week... one day at a time... not because I am good but because I had so much on my plate of TO DO's! :/   I couldn't get overwhelmed and kept me sane!  :)  I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas... and I hope to post again soon with more Christmas happiness!

 The Santa at our church party.... I think I have one of each kid crying with Santa when they were little LOL
 Her shirt says "I love Santa" but her actions told us otherwise
 He loves his sissy
 This is so cute of them
 it's a polka dot Christmas

 Ho, Ho, Ho!

 Silly Santa

 Fun Times

Time for gingerbread decorating 

cookie decorating 

 Poor little guy is so heavy from all the "princkles"
 fun with friends

 happy little boy

 before her tap dance recital... all posed up

and the gang 

 some of her sweet little friends

 time for the routine girls

 Hmmm?? Some of us are going one way? Some of us another?  Jingling the whole time!  :)


 Sweet girl

Reindeer Girls 

 My Christmas Sparkley Girl

 After they were done....

The stair steps.....  


 Everyone is perfect..... except..... Gunner 

 Oh now Gunner decided to smile :)  Sweet babies
 Jensie has broken countless ornaments!  Oh well!  :)
 Always a poser
 She will find a way....

 Love her cheese smile
 Me and my Christmas Angels
 Me and my Christmas sillies
 ok that's better :)

 Guess who had a birthday?

 Flowers from the hubby :) Gorgeous color!
Check out this antique vase from my dear, dear friend!  It's a PURSE!!!  LOL


 My little ones got me a miniture orange rose bush :) and a spa gift certificate that I used that very day!!!

 My gift from Nate????  I told him gym clothes, shoes?  He always surprises me!  WHAT?
 My little priss

 WHAT?  Mama got a MAC!  Now maybe I will blog more!  :)  No more dinosaur laptop!

 These are the signs they colored for me!  :)

Hubby made me brownies cause I love brownies and cookies!  :)    





 Mustaches are soo Christmasy???

    Which one of these doesn't belong??????

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