Sunday, November 18, 2012

8 Year Old! LIVE ACTION!!!!!

It's "live action" around here as the Wild Turtle Man would say!!! Celebrating Noah
 style which is WILD! Had a blast with some of his school buddies with his sleepover for his birthday! Luckily we had some wonderful family here (nonna and papa) to keep things under control! Oh how thankful we were to have them here! Such a great visit with family! Always thrilled to have guests!!! Our Noah is 8 and growing up so fast! He is such a character! Keeps us entertained and on our toes! He is sweet and kind hearted and as much as that boy has a hard time using self control  he melts our hearts with his politeness and knowledge of our God. His heart felt prayers make my eyes water and his love of nature and hunting make me proud to have a son!!! I love this boy! The only one of my babies to come into this world on their own 2 weeks early!!!!! It's fitting really....  :) he says he's gonna live with us forever, he'll get a job and buy his own food, but he wants to live here! :) He will eat anything and everything!!!! I am so proud he is my boy!!!!! Just in case you didn't know... Noah was named after me and Nathan's initials. When we were dating in high school/college when we wrote letters to each other.... We would write our initials N.O. A. H. Forever!!!! My maiden name was Hendrickson. :) so our initials spelled Noah. We always said if we had a son  we would name him Noah ..... First baby.... A boy!!!! Destined for that name! He loves his story and thow he got his name! :)
Hope everyone is getting ready for a Happy Thanksgiving! We have been a bit under the weather with Lil Miss Jensie. But we are gearing up for a big Thanksgiving treat!!!! What??? Another guest???? Whoo hoooo!!! I love surprises!!! I have a lovely one coming to see me!!!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and have that extra piece of pie eh? I sure will be!!!!! :) mmmmmmm! So many blessings! Such a full life! So, so much to be thankful for!!!!!!

 Noah Mattai Orange..... 8 Years Old!
 Just us :)
 Nuttin cuter than an toothless 8 year old!
ice cream cake for this guy!

 Yes.... he did!  No blowing out candles this year!  Spit and grabbed every one of them!  Ya'll pray for me! LOL!
 Daddy walking him outside to his birthday surprise from us
 Eyes still closed.... he has no clue!
 Me like chocolate cake
 Shoot it up! New basketball and a basketball goal!!!! Family Fun!!!
 Happy Brother
 Happy Sister
 Happy 8 year old!
 A birthday #8 sparkler to close out our celebration
 Don't forget the silly string!  
$1.69 of pure minute long bliss for these kids!  They love it!
 Noah's purchase with his birthday money from his Nonna and Papa and Aunt Dot from Tennessee
 Yes.... I got on this thing!  It DOES spin 360 degrees and it is a B L A S T :)
 Friday after school!  Party time! Fueling up on pizza before they go skating!

The skating crew

 just one boo boo for the night
 chowing down on some hotdogs
 The cooks!  Papa and Daddy
 Everyone had to wear the birthday hat and these silly glasses they got at the skating rink!  
 Got smores?
 Gunner will just take the chocolate!
 This is a football!  It is ALL CHOCOLATE!  Thanks Northups!!!  :)  LOL
 Nerf Action
 Sandlot boys?  
 Nonna was here!  Jensie got lots of lovin!
 Love these boys!
 A shoot off!
 A little 9 pm basketball game
 Happy Birthday to Noah via Smores Style
 make a wish
 chomp it down
Glow sticks.... silly boys

 Whoa...what a shot!
 This would be their sleeping arrangements for the night!
 Time to go to sleep boys!!!
A little Saturday morning helicopter flying with the boys 

Friday, November 2, 2012


October FLEW!  I love Fall!  Pumpkins and cooler weather make us happy!  Although we have been a bit warm here!  But I can't complain because Halloween was Perfect weather for trick or treating!  :) So here are some pics from our October... Pumpkin Patch with friends and Halloween Fun!  Our family had no theme this year.... we were all very random (except for Nate and Me).  Its been a joke with some of our friends for a long time.  Nathan got a promotion with work like a year ago? :)  Our friends most certainly had to joke and pick on us!  :)  So Nathan got the nickname "Daddy Warbucks".... and oh my did it stick?  So we decided if that is what he was gonna get called... well... we would just play the part this year!  :)  Ha Ha!  So we were Little Orphan Annie and Daddy Warbucks!  We got some laughs for sure!  I wasn't so wild about the short, curly wig!  LOL Or Nate's "bald cap".... but it is so much fun to dress up and surprise everyone!  Got such a kick out of everyone's costumes!  Good times with Great Friends!  :)  Hope you all had a great October! 

 Next up.... November!!!!!  2 birthdays!  Noah and Jensie!!! What????? My baby boy turns 8 and my baby, baby girl turns 1!!!!   More family coming to visit?  Hoorayyy!!!!  Will the boys get a buck?  Well... this Mama is gearing down for a month.... getting caught up.... so we can enjoy the wonderful holidays!  :)  

 Daddy Warbucks and Little Orphan Annie

 Now I will admit.... next to all those rough camo guys...Nate looks extremely handsome!   Although one of the guys isn't in this picture because he was late... and he was EDWARD!  Hmmm...... vampire or bald guy?
 Love these boys!  
 Little Miss Cupcake always has someone being sweet to her!  
 Gorgeous Indian Mama and one of them camo dudes!
 These costumes crack me up!  Love the mask!
 Taylor Swift... she gonna sing us some songs
 Jane Fonda?  You can do better than that grizzly man?
 Cripple Man.... his witch wife.... hmmm did she break his ankle?  
 Anyone watch Duck Dynasty?  Well that is where you are going to find all these camo dudes!  
 Nate so serious?
 The Mamas all dressed up.... well except for the late one.... "Bella"... her and Edward were too busy being in love! :)

 I love these boys wanting to be these dudes from these shows... keeps the costumes cheap... ha!  Little Honey Boo Boo... you are soo cute!

 Noah is the "turtle man" from the show "wild man" on animal planet... he looks just like the guy... no teeth!  Hilarious!  He sounds just like him too!! :)  Love my crazy Noah!  Emmie is Miss Strawberry Shortcake... freckles included :) Jensie is a cupcake... and yes...she so sweet.... and Gunner... oh my little Gunner.... well..... he is the lolli pop man from Wizard of Oz... picked this because he watched the movie with MeeMaw when she was here and wanted to be him.... I found costume online!  It is so hard not to bust out laughing when you see him!

 Here is one of the trick or treating rides... The decorated Mule ... So cool!
 The hayride.... for the tired kids, adults that have injuries and whoever else we can pick up
 Good Ol' Dash.... The Miller's Family Dog.... 
 There comes Edward and Bella!  Just in time for trick or treating!  
 A few of the gals
 She didn't even mind my wig
 "So Bella.... what's it like being married to a vampire???"
 Everyone here could scare you or hurt you... I will stick with the sweet little ladybug
Gunner loved this spider
My tricks and treats :)  Halloween 2012

 time for pumpkin patch fun with friends
 sunny day
 Crazy kids
 Did not want to get off this tractor

 My 1st Halloween
 Such a doll baby

 Tractor Time

 Old trucks never get too old for little boys
 My little pumpkins

 Me and my 4!!!
 My wonderful friend and her 4!!!! A God Sent Friend!
 Emmie won this at our church fall festival cakewalk! WOW!!!

 MeeMaw!  She dressed up as the Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz.... Noah dressed up like the scarecrow...Emmie was Dorothy and Gunner was the lion
the witch is about to come in during her part!  :)
Her hat fell off...but she got em!!!  :)

Little Lion
Having fun playing the parts :)
 Homemade pizzas?
 "No, I don't think so Mommy, you do it!"
 spread the sauce
 WE are done!
Look what we made!!!!! :)

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