Saturday, November 28, 2015

"Don't Just Go Through The Motions…. Pay Attention To Your Form!"

I will keep this short and sweet…. Cause I had to post quite a few pictures to catch my blog up to speed.  :) But I do have a little something to share & to think about… especially with the holidays and New Year upon us.
 It's been a couple months since one of my favorite people said this quote that I used as my post title….but I have just been sittin on it and letting it build… Knowin I had to share it and keeping it for myself to look back on.  :)
As I was in my gym class one day taking one of my favorite classes… My instructor Paula, that is always one to say positive things and also things to help you do the moves correctly… 
She said, "Don't just go through the motions, pay attention to your form"…. I literally had a moment with sweat covering my face and my muscles burning to no end…. Yes, Yes… watch your form Angie… make sure you are doing the moves right… that is when you reap the benefits right?  Right!  But it is so much deeper than that!
  How many times have you heard someone say those words to you?  This is not the first time for me.  For now, it's with working out.  But in high school, Playing basketball… shooting the ball… I would hear the coaches say… "don't just go through the motions, pay attention to your form."   I also know I have heard it before at  church… It's true! Think about how many time as christians we can "go through the motions"… but are we paying attention to our form?  It really stumped me.  It's so true with all walks of life and all ways of life.  Work, school, sports, church, motherhood, working out, loving your family, loving your friends, loving others, your relationship with God & others, how you act, how you speak….. I could go on and on.  
If you are "going through the motions"… you are just checking the box… faking it… Not reaping the benefits and the gifts in store for you.  God wants us to receive the gifts of truly "paying attention to our form"… our relationship with him & others.  The thing is… God knows if you are "going through the motions"… He knows your heart.  Others are watching you, listening to you, learning by you.  
I had to truly ask myself that question!  I am trying.  I am not perfect.  I mess up.  I have lousy form sometimes.  I display what I should not sometimes. It takes practice!  Lot's of practice!  Our form should get better….. IF we are paying attention. I am asking the Lord to please help me with my "form" and be who He wants me to be & to show that to my children & my family & everyone He leads me to.
On that day…. when my friend said those words…. They truly spoke to me. I believe the Lord speaks to us in many ways.  I love that about Him!  :)  So I am now passing those words on to you.  It's something to think about?  You can give me that right?  :)
Thanks for reading!

 Gunner's zoo fieldtrip 

 Emmie and 4-H!  :)
 Country Girls living in the Burbs

 Pumpkin Patch Fun!  

 Happy Birthday to Sonny!  He is 2!

 Happy Halloween!  Can you find Gunner in the picture?  His eyes glowed red in the dark… creepy costumes for the boys this year!  LOL

 Dancing With the Stars… Latin Week!  This should be in everyone's marriage vows…. vowing to dress up for Halloween and be hilarious and make life so fun!  I love my latin lover! :)

 Fun Night!  

I can't get over his face and that mustache! 

 Emmie and her bestie… dressed like Indian Girls

 I love this angel!  Memorizing Scripture!

 It's the simple things like this that I find him doing that make me crazy about him!  

 I promise we feed him… His little cowboy legs crack me up! 

 Noah and his best bud at the Cowboy Stadium for our local high school play off game.

girl time with friends!

 Sometimes you find them like this when they fall asleep in your bed…. oh… what an angel

 Happy Fall

 Gunner loves holding "Stache"

 Ready for her turkey feast at school

 Happy 11th Birthday Noah!  Airsoft party!  14 boys that ate lots of food, played hard, cranked up ESPN like no other, celebrated Noah and made me proud to have a son!  Boys are fun!  

 Brownie Sundaes

 Some thoughtful friends!

 Now time for Jensie… 4 years old! 

 Time for Tea
 Girls only… sisters too!
 Mommy loves you!
 Your sweet little friends!

The whole gang

 My girl is growing up!  Happy Fall!

 Noah… I thought you turned 11?  I guess you are never too young to get in the tug boat at the doctor's office!  Heaven help us!

 Guess who got a babysitter?  

 Time to surprise and celebrate my soul sister! Surprises are so much fun!  Get on the bus and let's go honkey tonk!
 Happy birthday Kim!

 Texas Country Music!
 Fun Place 
 Love these people!
 The best celebrations are remembered forever!

 do we have some cousins at our table? 

 Miss Eva Orange!  Our sweet cousin!

 My precious sisterinlaw
 Girl cousins
 All the ladies!

 time to watch football with uncle Tai!

 share a coke with someone special… like your cousin from Tennessee

 Someone got a ton of flashlights from his awesome aunts!

 Gotta go see the deer lease and see if we can shoot a pig

 Some of us went skating!

 Thanksgiving 2015
20 people in our living room…. The rain held us from eating outside but that was ok… our home was cozy with family and food and a time together to remind us what Family is all about.

 Hold your little cousin!
 We got to have a bday celebration while they were here too!  Happy 1st Birthday Eva!  We are so happy we got to spend it with you!

These two giggle A LOT!  :)

 Happy Thanksgiving to our wonderful family that flew from Colorado and Tennessee and even drove from Tennessee with your camper… We couldn't have been more honored to have you in our home for the days we did to make memories & hear you laugh & talk & smile & eat & drink & hug & sit by the fire & play games & spend time with our children & catch up on life & put even more love in our hearts for each and every one of you!  You are the best and it was hard watching you leave.  We loved every minute!  All of it!  We would do it ten times over…. because it put so much joy in our hearts to have you all stay in our home in Texas.  We are so thankful to God for bringing us all together for this special Thanksgiving that we will never forget!   

 As we continue through the season of the holidays…. keep this in your heart… and remember… "Don't just go through the motions… pay attention to your form."  

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