Monday, April 11, 2011

"Well, We Got Our Surprise!" "We Sure Did!"

Well here we are once again. Let's just say this time God surprised us a little earlier than we had planned.  For those of you that know me well... you know I am a planner!  All three children were planned and yes a fourth was in our thoughts....but we hadn't dove in fully on the idea of #4. :)

  It all happened on a normal, relaxed, Friday afternoon around 4:30.... I had decided to go to Walmart and pick up a few things and thought, "Hey, might as well pick up a pregnancy test to rule this possibility out, so we can go on with our weekend and not think about it.  (Since clues from Mother Nature were leading me to think something was not right)  Although I just knew it wasn't possible (since prevention had taken place?)  but we are just going to rule it out anyway?  So I get home from Walmart... don't put groceries away... straight to the bathroom to get our answer.  Nathan was outside with Noah and Emmie and Gunner was talking in his crib.  I thought, hey.. I will do the test, go get Gunner while it is processing.... Ha.... if you know me ... you know I might get anxious too?  :)  So I start seeing the screen start to change and up pops the first pink line that is always there....and waiting...its moving over.... its moving over.... Is there a second line???  Oh my... Oh my... I see a pink line... Is that really another line?  Oh my ... Oh my.... how could this be?  What?  Seriously?  How?  What?  Oh my... Oh my...
So I get Gunner and go on outside to reveal my state of shock to my husband.  He immediately knew something was up with me.  He asks me and I can hardley talk but tell him my stomach isn't feeling so good.... What?  Did I just lie to him?  Well... there were three little kiddos running around and Nathan is watering flowers... oh... can I tell him now?  So then he asks me again and this time.... If you know me.... I do get emotional sometimes.  :)  So that's when the tears flow and I tell him "I'm pregnant!"  This leads to shock from him... which leads to more shock with me and so we sit.  We sit and we sit and we stare and we stare.  We look up at each other and ever so often say... "How?"  "I can't believe this..."  We both have always said we wouldn't mind a surprise baby...but I knew I would never have one b/c I have planning issues.  So Nate said, "Well, we got our surprise!"  And I say, "We sure did!"  :)  After some reassuring and faith in God's plan... I call my mama and get some more reassurance... :) Ha! 

It is so amazing how we have such human tendancies sometimes... to plan and feel in control of things a little?  But then God shows Himself ever so clearly and I just fall in love with Him all over again because He is so there!  We are thankful and feel abundantly blessed!  We ask for your prayers for a healthy baby!  Thanks for sharing our excitement and being a part of our lives!  Love to you all! 

 There is THAT PINK LINE!!!
 Had a sonogram and heard the heartbeat today... :)  All is in the right place and lookin good.  8 weeks and 2 days today and feeling good!  I was sick almost right after I found out up until the last couple of days.... I am feeling better!  :)
Did you ever wonder why I titled my blog "Bunch of Oranges"?  Well... this is why... :)  This will complete "the bunch" part... :) 

Baby #4
Due Date:  November 19th  or earlier b/c I ain't against induction!  Especially since Emmie and Gunner were both ripe a week early!  
YES!  We are going to find out this time!  I say..."I got my surprise... I ain't waiting till the end... I want to be ready!"  Ha! 

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