Monday, February 20, 2017

Country Stillness

I heard something great in a new class I've been trying at the gym. The class is a lot of yoga which I have never enjoyed. I'm use to running and high cardio or weight lifting. But as I get older... I want to take care of myself and do good things for my body.... even if that means being more still and moving to a different beat. To my surprise, I love this new class and love the deep and meaningful readings my friend and instructor reads. My new favorite quote is, "It's hard to Be Still and Feel Strong."
Wow! That really hit home with me. When she said it we were all laying still on our mats and letting everything go and just being in that moment. We are all so use to fast pace lives, whether we are working a job or taking care of our homes and families. We are use to the "busy" and sometimes the go, go, go. Some of us might feel unproductive if we are sitting because all we can think about is the laundry that needs folding or the dishes that need put away. There is always a reason to move. We thrive in movement and feel energized from getting things done. We feel strong and in control of our duties. But, wow... what a challenge to be completely STILL and feel STRONG! My first thoughts that come to my mind would be that God does want us to be still. He tells us to "Be Still and know that I am God". He rested on the 7th day and wants us to rest. He speaks to us in any way but when we are still, we might just hear him a little better? This might just be when He works in us and "makes us strong". I also think of the verse, "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me."
It is through Him that we are made strong. Not by lifting 20 pounds and doing 25 squats.... not by having all chores done and a tidy home, not by working 80 hours a week at a job so we can be at the top. Sure all of those things can make us feel strong in our bodies and minds, but it's not the kind of everlasting strength we need. Only God can give us that strength.
We we have had a nice relaxing weekend in the country with some of our most special friends. Lots of being still. Lots of seeing God's country and sky. Tender moments of my soul sister playing "Amazing Grace" on the guitar while her daughter joins her in singing it for our "Country Church Service" we had for our families. Lots of sitting on the porch and deep talks about our Father in Heaven.
It's amazing how refreshing it can be to leave all of the Busy behind and Being Still in the country and how we can still be made strong in this stillness. I yearn for daily stillness with the Lord and love to be reminded of how much we all need it.

Cooking up Frog Legs....

Friday, February 10, 2017

"Will They Remember When?"

The Day of February 9th
❤️My Daddy's Birthday❤️
I don't think it's a coincidence that a week prior to his birthday I have heard "3 times" one of the old songs played at his funeral almost 10 years ago. I was setting the table the other night & Daddy came to my mind & again the song, "Remember When". I have no doubt.. it was meant to be. I think it was so that I would be filled with these many thoughts when I was at the supper table that night.
Dear Daddy,
❤️Will they Remember When?❤️
When our table was set for 6...
When festive napkins were a fun surprise...
When a candle was lit & smelled of delight...
When a card was on the table with a thought or verse to remind us of what's important....
❤️Will they Remember When?❤️
We waited for Daddy to get home so we could all be together....
When Jensie would say the blessing & sometimes say the most random & funny things that we would literally have to hold our noses from busting out laughing...
When we would talk about our day...
When we filled our bellies with what Mama made for us...
When our dog put his head on the edge of the table sometimes begging for a crumb...
❤️Will they Remember When?❤️
We talked about our family in Tennessee & how we missed them...
When that feeling of being around the table together was the best part of the day ...
When we would all be staring across at one another & feeling so blessed God made us family..❤️️
I think they will Daddy....
Cause I "Remember When" I got to have My Childhood. You & Mama gave us all we ever needed, what really mattered, just enough, so that "Now" when I set "our supper table", I would soak in each fork I set & each glass of water I made. So that I would be happy at how good they ate their stir fry veggies & chicken & fried rice I made them. So that I could watch their little faces & expressions. So that I could listen to their distinct voices talk. So that I could be grateful for my family & want to
ALWAYS ❤️Remember When❤️️
Happy Birthday to you, my Daddy in Heaven. I hope you are sitting at the best birthday party table up there!!!! I love you. ❤️️Angie

Setting the table is always a time to be grateful for every place I set.

                                         Love looking at old pictures of my & my daddy

Daddy & Me

Some pictures of our lately.... always fun to look back at the funny and the sweet times with our family!

Jensie made a gun at the gym out of blocks.  She is her daddy's little girl

Just a little tea party with me and my sweet girls

I can't decide which makes me smile more... Emmie with the furriest bunnies we have... or Jensie photo bombing!  LOL

Noah with a bunch of his buddies getting ready to go to Cotillion
Western Night

Having a good time

 Time for basketball season! Gunner has loved every minute of being on the Zombies team

Sonny just had a shower and gets pampered and smelly good

Then Mommy gets pampered by sweet faced Jensie

Our toes

On this night she skated up to me and said she had "3 assistants" at school and named 3 boys.  I asked her what they did?  She said, "whatever I tell them to do... like go get me that ball and they do it."
We are totally in for it with this kid!

This is Dixie... I have claimed this furball as MY BUNNY!!!

Sonny doesn't care who lays on him.. as long as he can lay with me

This girl... begged me for the shirt she saw at Target.  I don't why she likes what she likes.  I don't own one shirt with the sleeves out but it seems to be a trend.  She cracks me up

She is putting on "makeup" to go to the gym
She wears these rhinestone heels to school and everywhere she goes

Daddy and his girls had a special night out seeing a musical at our local high school... "Beauty and the Beast"  They loved it!

Noah & his Tuba.  Looking at him playing this ginormous instrument never gets old

Me and the boys had to go have hibachi time together

Then snuggles in mama's bed... all wearing mama's robes.  They make me laugh

Sweet friends celebrating Clementine turning 10

Was inside getting Gunner's hair cut and looked out the window to see Sonny in my driver's seat.  He looked so cute!

Those simple Friday nights at home is where lots of special moments are had.  
I hope they remember our special Friday nights and time  together as a family.

Sunny Side Up!

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