Monday, November 22, 2010

A Lump in My Throat

Well it is FALL and we are almost to Thanksgiving... so thankful.... but that is a whole nother post right? :) Just a little glimpse of our Fall b/c after Thanksgiving.... it is you know what time!!! :) I heard this song for the first time this past week and although it has probably been on in the car before... with three is hard to listen to the words! So.. the other night I was able to and UHH.... hard to swallow... will put that huge lump in your throat!!!! Everyone get your tissues... I think the reason why these songs get me so much is the loss of my Daddy and the fact that the moments are even Sweeter than ever in my life... and that I love my children more than anything! Most of the time I feel like I am spinning in circles, taking care of the kids and getting them this or that, cleaning up the messes and starting back over again... wondering when I will ever get sleep....but loving it all at the same time???? That is what makes it emotional b/c is is SO HARD but yet SO AWESOME all at the same time... Thanksgiving is always emotional for me when I reflect on all I am thankful for and so many blessings! So here are my difficult, rewarding, lovey blessings that I am so thankful for! They had a BLAST in the leaves!!!! Our front yard has two big trees that shed a lot of leaves so that is where they rolled around in the leaves! :) can barely see him b/c he is all in camo...about to leave for the deer lease with Daddy :)

Emmie dressed herself this afternoon and frolicked in the leaves like a fairy! It was hilarious!

Gunner was giggling too b/c Noah and Emmie were screaming with happiness

I would think she was playing in candyland...she is so happy

catching leaves in his hat

Love this with the tree behind him

time to bury

lovin it

and now for some fall trees at our house :)

This is my favorite

This is a close second because it looks so pretty to look out the windows at and also when we drive up... it is so crazy to have leaves on the ground... our neighbors probably want us to hurry and rake them...but we think they look soooo beautiful on the ground..... crazy the things you miss and forget their beauty

2010 the running for Archer County Trophy Buck!!!!! That is right... it is a "nontypical buck" an eleven pointer.... if you don't know what a nontypical means... it has something to do with the rare rack where the antlers are very flat and wide.... VERY COOL!!! I am soo proud for Nate!

Big Daddy Buck... He is an older deer

The pictures don't do him justice.... trust me!

So proud of their Daddy

Just the boys... camo of coarse!

The Proud Wife! Noah said, "Man...why are all the girls getting excited and getting pictures made... I mean this is a boy thing!" LOL!!!!

He REALLY wants to see the WHOLE body...but I guess that will come one day when they get one together at the lease :)

Gotta have a mean face one :)

Proud, Proud, Proud

Emmie's Preschool Thanksgiving Feast.... a clown for some entertainment! :) So fun!



Little school girl... so proud of her! :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Take A Peek At Our "Lately"

Wow!!! It has been too long since I have put pics on here!!! So much going on... no excuses though.... here we are! Fun times.... Emmie went to a girl party for a friend's bday.... my mama and sissy came to Texas to see us and Noah turned 6!!!! Life is good! Can you believe it is November???? WOW! I can't! Getting a little ready for some Christmas decor eh???? I am!! Gunner is still Mr. Wonderful... Loves his Mama and a clingy man he is! :) Emmie is a little princess who I am enjoying so much!!! Noah is 6.....which brings me to the fact that I am yearning to know all about his little mind and how it is I am now reading "Bringing Up Boys" by James Dobson.... I got two of em... figured it couldn't hurt...right? I mean this parenting thing is nonstop ... a full time job..huh? Wow! I am continuing to be surprised at how much they learn from our every move...our every tone, words and actions.... WE are under a microscope? Well.... hopefully we will pass the test! Love these kiddos so much! Here is our "Lately".... :) The Gals!

Handsome boys


Fleecy zipups and our first fire for the season :)

Look at the fire Gunner!

Noah's party... The popcorn machine man

Some Friends

Cupcakes for the friends

The big screen with Tarzan :)

Happy Bday Noah!

somebody got a bb gun?

Shootin at the targets

love some icecream cake

"whoo hooo... got the bb gun"

The bday boy!

Noah is 6

bday breakfast before school... sausage links and fried eggs :)

Silly string to wake him up for school! He loved it!!

"What is going on?"

Halloween Wonders????

Batgirl and Rambo with his wig off

Bet you have never seen pumpkins displayed by a toilet? We put them in there so we could turn the lights off and see them... since it was day when we carved them! LOL! This is funny huh? :)

Who's a pumpkin?

Total opposites would you say???


A Ballerina... this is MY ballerina outfit from when I was younger and took ballet!!!

Girl Party... Emmie got her own "Belle cake"

They all got their own cake.... wow!!!!! So cute!

Happy Bday to Presley.... Girls Rule!!!

Camille is loving this!

We must wear our mommies' sunglasses





Emmie getting her nails and toes done for the first time!

All the girls in Presley's car for their girl date!

You never know what you are going to get with him! :)

The Orange kiddos

Me, Mama and Sissy

We had a girls night... This is where memories get made people!!! I mean..... seriously!!! FUN!

Eatin Lunch with Noah at school... FYI.... he ate his and almost all of mine and some of Aunt Amy's and Meemaws.....

The lunchtable

Noah typing in his lunch code... He loves to buy his lunch!!!!!

Sunny Side Up!

Summer is SUNNY SIDE UP!!!! It’s been the kind of Summer this Mama loves! Sometimes we are one day at a time... one hour at a time. No plans...