Sunday, October 11, 2009

He's the Man!

Well.. it's about time to blog about the hubby again! Can I just say I am "Fallin for him" all over again! He has been AMAZING since we had Gunner and before then too... ha! :) Seriously... its so awesome how things work when there are two parents tag teamin it up! Havin another lil Orange is wonderful...but is work! I have felt so elated this past week and so happy and blessed. A huge reason for that is b/c of my awesome man! Here is a little bit of my happy.... I love my children, I love my hubby, I love our home that is full to the max now :), I love our friends who have been so awesome, I love our family..all in Tennessee but I still feel them right in my heart everyday, I love my life! I joked around on fbook that maybe this feeling is just the after baby feeling or the not yet knowing what's before me feeling..ha.... but I don't care what it is. I love it! I wanted to post at least one pic of Nate since he was my inspiration for this post and the only ones I could find that I haven't posted yet were from the zoo. Ha! This is him... my Nate! I am the luckiest woman in the world! He was totally meant for me!
Always bein funny! :)

These were from my sip and see! Thanks girls! These were soo yummy!

My new favorite!

I totally didn't not do this and it is not from the flash.. I found him like this! :) Ha!

Noah pretending to swing his bball bat

Thought he looked so adorable in his little windsuit

Love the do

She wouldn't leave crown on for pic

Texas Cowboy

My lil Texans... Gunner too! :)

miss flucy

helpin Noah build stuff with wood

trying to dance with Gunner... oh man!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thanks Mama

Well now it's time for the real deal here in the Orange House... MeeMaw has left on a jet plane...don't know when she'll be back again... That means it's time for me to find my own way with 3 kids! I am ready to figure it out. Thanks Mama for all your help during your stay... for letting me micro manage you (ha) and for letting me be a mother. Thanks for saying something about everything I did and do... just kidding. :) I love you and appreciate every ounce of you! We miss you already and look forward to another date night in April. Ha! I hope you had fun and aren't too exhausted from all of us...ha! Bunches of hugs and kisses from your squirts and we can't wait until next time! Here's a few pics from this past week. Noah started baseball... so fun! Emmie is a cheerleader once again. Gunner is just.. well... an angel! Life is grand! :) Have a great week!

Mom's the word
Is he adorable or what?

He was so willing to pose with everyone... I think he felt famous in his uniform. Ha!

MeeMaw and her champ

MeeMaw... you spoiled her this week! Help!

Go Noah!

Noah's biggest fans!

Noah on 3rd bse... check out the stance.

In the dugout

Batter Up

Our newest family pic! :)

Posin with MeeMaw

Me and my lil angel baby


Noah.... such a clown

We are gonna make it... really

Oh Man!

MeeMaw and the grandkiddos

This is what happens when you have another baby...

We don't usually let them do this!

Nate did this with Noah in this same shirt... and Emmie too.. it's really about the shirt and not the kids...? Weird father requests.. Ha

Does she look like a stinker?

There could be trouble.. maybe

Take my picture

I mean, Don't you want to be a kid again?

Zippity Zip Line

Here comes Noah

Wait Noah... you can't have fun yet.. Meemaw has to fix your pants first.

Ready to play

Baseball practice

Sunny Side Up!

Summer is SUNNY SIDE UP!!!! It’s been the kind of Summer this Mama loves! Sometimes we are one day at a time... one hour at a time. No plans...