Monday, August 22, 2011

Let The Siren Sound! Noah Is Coming To 1st Grade!

Here we are... time for school again...Do you hear the horns?  Do you hear the sirens?  Noah is starting 1st Grade!!!  Here is an upbeat song you can't understand.... but has a good beat for the 1st day of school and some horns to let you know Noah Orange is coming to 1st grade!!  :)  Ha! 

We had a great morning in the Orange House... Mama and Daddy didn't sleep good at all... Daddy woke up every hour probably afraid he would miss his alarm.... Mama ended up on the couch because she felt sick and then in bed with Gunner.... Whewww. I was happy to get up and start the day!  Noah slept like a rock... as always!  :)  Isn't it funny all the 1st day jitters.... :)  Not Noah though, He was excited!  He was eager. He was thrilled for the lunch menu... he is a buyer not a bringer!  His teachers told me last year he was the best eater in the whole kindergarten! :)  Today's menu, Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and gravy!!! :)Walked him down to his classroom....It felt good to have a year under our belt.  It felt comfortable doing it.  But after all of that... why does mommy get in the car and cry all the way home?  What is that????  How do they do that to us?  :)  Praying for a great year!  Praying for all of your little ones too!  :)  Don't worry... we will pray for the Mamas and Daddies too!!!  :)  We know, We understand!
Hope everyone has a great school year!
 1st Day of School Breakfast.... a breakfast for a 1st Grade Champ.... Eggs, Bacon, Toast, Oranges, and Juice.... per Noah's request :)
 Breakfast with Daddy.... Both of my boys needed a good start this morning :)
 Leaving the Little Ones.... gotta go to school like a big boy
 New Kicks.... for extra fast running in PE and Recess :)
 The Backpack!!!  In case your vision is blurred.... YES it is CAMO!!!  Did you really think it wouldn't be?
 Leaving for 1st day of school
 Here we go again Dad.... "You go to work, I go to school... and then we meet back."  :)  They always say this!  :)
 So proud of this little guy!!!!
 Getting into Daddy's car.... Mommy gets to take him the 1st Day!  :)
 Waving bye bye to Daddy, Emmie and Gunner
 Never the same face with this guy :)
A little fuzzy but sweet :)
 Proud to be a Colleyville Cowboy
 Going down the 1st grade hall
 This is his teacher until October.  His real teacher is out on maternity leave.  We have heard great things about both of these ladies and are excited for a new year! 
 Doing a little coloring at his DESK!!!  He has his own desk and was so very proud of all of the books that were in it.  :)
It is going to be a great year!!!! :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Orange Family Est. July 28, 2001

So my song on here this time... wasn't my 1st or 2nd choice...for some reason couldn't get those... so I got an oldie but goodie.  Me and Nate liked this song when we were dating back in the day.  I even had the "single on cassette tape"  :)  The funny thing is... Nate still walks around the house and sings it all the time... I chuckle but I love it.  So here was one of our dating songs... kind of appropriate for this post I guess.  :)

You might be wondering about my title.... :)  Well... that is our wedding date... when we "officially" began as a family.  It has been 10 years and even though we celebrated our 10th anniversary in Aruba back in April... our actual date was just a little over a week ago.  Here are some pics of a new special gift from my sweet husband.  I have always loved porch swings... had one growing up.  I love to swing on it when we go home.  Nate's parents and Overs has one and its just got to get a swingin on by us when we visit. :) So one of the things Nathan got me was a swing and not just any swing.  :)  He had it engraved with:
 The Orange Family
Est. July 28, 2001
It is so super special to me and I LOVE IT!  :) It has already been hung and swung in and now pictures.  :)  The swing has a 500 lb weight limit and I think we were definitely getting real close to that!  I guess we will squeeze one more little Orange on there when she gets here for the complete Orange Family swing picture. :)

My mama came for a visit and we had to get her on it too.  :) Thanks mama for me and Nate's mini anniversary get a away. :)  And last but not least... some pics of Noah with his new special gift...given early.  We were going to wait until his bday but with a baby due and trips to the deer lease unknown...we thought we would do it early so he can get in some time before school starts.  Check him out!  :)   The Orange Family....for now :)Here is a close up so you can see the engraving :)
Just a swingin

 The shirt fits... LIFE IS GOOD for Mr. Noah Orange! :)
 His first "real gun" just his size :)  a little 22
 He is very good with it.... a true hunter...he shot a coon and  a snake in the pond
 It fits him just perfectly
MeeMaw and the grandkids... Emmie is wearing her wedding dress dressup outfit that MeeMaw gave her for her birthday

My sweet Mama!  Short and Sweet visit!  I love you Mama!!!!!  Hurry Back!!!!  :)  We miss you already!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

And Her Name Will Be......

I am really slacking on the blog, huh?  This heat is effecting my brain!  I have a lot to blog about....but going to start with first things first!  :)  All the questions you get when you are pregnant..... the name one is pretty high on the list. :)  So I thought I would do a little post for our future baby girl.  Here are some pictures of her at 20 weeks which was a month ago....but thought I would let you see what she is up to in my belly.  :)  Looks like she is already raising that arm up.... guess she knows in this family....we have to take turns when speaking!  LOL!  Couple pics of Mama... 6 months pregnant with this baby girl!  :)  And finally... her name.  So here is the story behind that one.  Nathan's grandmother... the one we all call "Overs" (which she got because one of the grandchildren came out with "Overs" instead of "grandmother"... Her real name is Virginia.  Her mama always came up with these beautiful names for the kids and her daddy would always give em a nickname and that is what stuck.  For instance her sister's name was Rose Marilyn... which is so beautiful.. :)  But she got the nickname "Jimmie" and was always called "Aunt Jimmie"  Isn't that funny?  Well Virginia, Nate's grandmother got the nickname "Gincy" We think it is so different and cute so we are using it for #4.  Overs was so very sweet when Nathan called and asked her if we could use her name.  She said, "Well I never thought anyone would be named after me.  Cause Virginia is so long and Gincy is just weird"  LOL!  Well... we are going to change up the spelling and make it her own... see below for the name picture.  :) I promise to post again very soon... Lots of Love and Lemonade for all of you Texas people surviving this heat!  
 Raising her hand....
 Just looking peaceful :)
 Jensie Jewel Orange
 6 mths Mama
 Belly Button is out... belly is out.... Hello Pregnancy! :)
I am starting to get the looks when I go places with all three kids and this belly.  It's like they wonder if I am crazy...having done this to myself and all! :)  I went shopping without the kids and you wouldn't believe how many people said... "Oh is this your first?"  That's when I swallow hard and smile confidently.... "No, its my fourth" should see their facial expression change! LOL!  LOL!  I have come to get a kick out of it!  :) 

Sunny Side Up!

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