Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"I'm Suffocating!"

I cannot believe its been a month since I posted!  Shame on me!  I always have plenty to say, plenty to show.... but I also have plenty to take care of and plenty to do!  :)  April and May have been whirl winds for  us and I am so ready for calm and normal and SUMMER VACATION!  We have had family here and more family here and then Nate went to Tennessee to hunt turkey with his brother... plus a few work trips that will make a mother of 4 suddenly be a single mother of 4!  God Bless all single parents!  But even though all this craziness does make me tired and my body feel old... I can't help but be joyful for these children that FILL my cup many times during the day and night.  :) The other day... I literally felt like "colorful bubbles" were all around me and I was sooo happy! It was weird I know...but I can't explain it!  No... I am not on drugs!  I was just holding my baby girl and feeling so thankful for my little ones.  :) I'm suffocating .... with bubbles of happiness!!!!!!   :)
I always get emotional this time of year... As we end the month of May...we come upon 5 Years of my Daddy being gone. So I am playing one of the songs we played at his funeral that is special to me.  He gave me the CD and he loved this song.  It is soo true!   With "letting them be little" in mind...our Emmie will be 5 next month.... she is still sooo young and sweet and we just think we are going to keep her in preschool one more year before sending her off to the Army of Elementary School Expectations and Kids.  They are only "little" for a while... why rush them?   She still "graduated" at preschool but will be attending Transitional Kindergarten next year!  At her program...they had a slideshow playing before it began and what do ya know.... the song "Let Them Be Little" was playing... It was like a sign  from my Daddy.... that we were making the right decision with our sweet girl!  :)  It was very hard to hold myself together even after all these years!  5 years is so far behind but it is still so close in my heart!
Emmie is done with school!  Noah has 5 more days! Gunner is beaming that they are home!  He loves his "Nona and Eh-ie" :) Jensie is so excited that we can't contain her anymore... she is army CRAWLING everywhere!  It is the craziest thing I have ever seen!  She has been doing it since before she turned 6 mths.  She isn't sitting up like all my others were because she always wants to be on her tummy and now she is MOVING!  Results aren't typical! Please don't try this at home! :)

  Until next time.... watch out!  It's WATER BALLOON SEASON!!!!!!  
 Noah in his 1st grade program singing!
 Leave it to Noah to make the goofy face :)
 Tackling Uncle Tai that came to visit us :)
 He is such a good sport to have soo many monkeys hanging on him :)
 Aunt Joanna is sitting back with Miss Calm Jensie
 "Gunner, You get his toes!  Emmie, Get on his back!  I'll hold his arms!"
 They haven't see each other in over a year and look at em!  Same flip flops! Blue shirts and khakis!  They look more alike than ever!  
 Miss Emmie loves having an EXTRA girl around :)
 Gunner gets a little "Tai Time" at Noah's baseball game 
[Emmie and a couple of the sweetest friends                 
 The end of Noah's game...Coach Henry giving them a good talk :)
 Uncle Tai and Aunt Joanna, We are soo happy you came to visit us!
 So nice to have "Family" visit :)
 Noah loves Tai
 Well.... the 8 year journey of pregnancy and babies was a blast... I am passing off the TORCH!  
Congratulations to Tai and Joanna expecting their first BABY!  Due in Novemeber!  What a wonderful month!  :)  Whooo HOOOO  We are so excited for them and to have a new cousin!:)
 Pink, PInk, Pink.... Mommy never gets enough PINK
 She wears it so naturally :)
 OH GUNNER!!!!!  We can't pick those!  
 Even Miss Jensie is pretty in pink
 Perfect in Pink
 Love my roses :)
 What a sweet smile.....for now....
 Happy girl
 Well, our other swing made it through 3 kids... the straps broke....so Nonna and Papa's Easter Egg $$ bought Miss Jensie a new pink swing :)
 This is Jensie Jewel Orange!  She is wearing a Vintage piece worn by the famous Angie Orange!  It was also worn by Princess Emmie Orange.  But I must say.... Jensie is by far the most gorgeous in this piece!  Maybe it was her expressions...maybe it was her "gerber baby appeal", maybe it was the camera.... either way.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  I love it!!!

 I can't remember what this is... but something new for this year.. and it is doing so well and is my new favorite plant!!!

 Miss Emmie
 Sweet Love
 Couldn't get Jensie to look this week.. But they still look cute anyway!
 Emmie's Preschool End of the Year Program and Graduation
 Girls do work too!  :)
 Singing is hard work... she yawned twice and I even got pics of her doing it!  Too sweet!
 One of Emmie's teachers giving her a little diploma :)
 Look at those sweet curls.... I am going to be so sad the day she doesn't want me to pretty up her hair
 She was looking at us the whole time...smiling so we could snap pictures of her.. It was so funny!
 I love her face!
 Cap and Gown and a big yellow gumball in her mouth
 Don't they look alike?
 Me and my angel baby!  

 My Mother's Day flowers... Noah picked me Red Roses, Emmie picked me some peachy pink roses, Gunner picked one huge flower that was bluish purple and green and white... a gorgeous vase of love  :)
 Lots of homemade goodies on my special day
 Love this and it is now hanging in my kitchen...."the best things in life Aren't things"....so true! 
 Who's little hands must these be?
 Noah was reading me something he wrote :)
 True Blessings on Mother's Day and Everyday!
 They make me bubble over with so much joy!
 Sisssssters :)
 Time is flying Miss Jensie!  
I love my "Little" Babies!    I hope I can give them plenty of hope and strength and love and knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ!

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