Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Good Morning Beautiful! Today Is YOUR Day!!"

Happy Summer!  Did you know June 21st was the 1st Day of Summer?  Well... It was ALSO a beautiful morning and day because it was Emmie Lou's Birthday!  We taped her door shut with polka dot crepe paper... prepared her flower cake with pearly candy balls, wrapped girly gifts and waited for her to show up at our bedside with her little sweet we could say, "Good Morning Beautiful!  How was your night?"  :)  Love waking up to these sweet faces! 
 We have gotten summer underway with a baseball camp for Noah and a soccer camp for Emmie!  Good times and Celebrations of fun!!!  That is what summer is about and being a kid is the best!!!  I love surprising them with the simplest things!  The other night we played hide and seek before bed and they picked to find me and Nate first... so when they found us we SILLY STRINGED them!  LOL!  We had more fun!  
I asked them tonight what is one thing you would still like to do this summer... the funniest reply was Noah..."I really want to have some chocolate milk made with real hershey syrup!"  Love it!  I also asked them what was their favorite thing they have got to do so far this summer... all were things at home... Emmie: "loved us making a fairy garden"  Gunner:  "loved when Nate swam with him" 
 Noah:  "loved shooting lizards with one of his best buddies"  I was so happy to hear such simple things.  It gives me such joy to hear their hearts.
  JOY has been on my mind and in my heart a lot lately.   I have read a lot and even more ironic.. Our worship service is now talking about JOY on Sunday mornings.  Everywhere I turn is something about JOY!  :)   I am all about the joy and I love a joyful home!  I want my home to be filled with LAUGHTER!  Some interesting points I will share that I read are:
Laughter is Relaxing
Laughter Supports the Immune System
Laughter is good exercise
Laughter is a pain reliever
Humor changes your perspective
Bring humor into conversations 
Pay attention to children (cause they are funny! :)
We need to smile more!
My favorite:  Spend Time with Joyful, Witty People!

Proverbs 17:22 "A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones."

I hope everyone is having a "JOYFUL SUMMER"!!!!!!!  

This is a Happy 6 year old !  My Beautiful Emmie Lou!

 Can you find the grasshopper?

 Pretty dolls
 She is getting so big!!
 Such a sweet spirited little gal

 Party time
 she has wanted this doll since Christmas!!!
 What do you do when your hubby comes home with a PINK shirt?  Bahaha... I just happened to have some VERY MATCHY dresses for his little girls!  :)
 We love Daddy in any color... but Pink is Poppin on you Babe!

 Well... everyone knows Mommy LOVES pink!!  :))))

 Never hard to find something pink to go with these little princesses

 We are sitting in the swing he got me for our 10 year anniversary two years ago... He had to move the location and so we are excited for the new spot... new spot for quiet time and coffee and watching the kids in the yard!  It happens to be under the kids' favorite tree!! :)

 What do you do with this face???

 This kid is starting to eat like a BIG BOY!  That is a meat sandwich with no bread... just a meat load of MEAT!  $$$$  Help!!!!

 ok. ok.... you can have more meat!  :)

 Good Morning Beautiful!!!???? How was your night??? 

 #4 is our smartest yet.... Jensie is fo sure gonna gave a pacifier... and a back-up!  LOL
 We like to party.... we like to party!

 We party at breakfast with cinnamon streussal muffins that she loves!

 Opening gifts in style with her crazy hair and new shades

 Excited birthday girl!

 Girly gifts... I told ya... girly gifts!

 One of Emmie's friends surprised her with a balloon and cupcake on her birthday!  What a fun surprise!  Thanks Emily!

 Ready for another surpise... 
 Where is she learning to tilt??????

 Whooo Hooo!  "Epic in 3D" for Emmie's Birthday!

 My minnie me :)

 These boys!  Lovin the popcorn and huge icees!!!

 Gotta cuddle with Daddy too!

 READY TO GO HOME!!!  LOL!  Not a movie for a 1 year old... haha

 This dude!!!!  Mowed the whole yard with his Daddy!  Then roller bladed 5 miles with me while I ran!!!!  I love having him along!  :)

 Let's eat some cake!


 Life is good!  

 New swing location.... still working on the ground part ... but had to get a pic anyway :)

 Loves her Da Da

 3D glasses converted to glasses ... 

 Ready for soccer camp  Her dolls are decked out in soccer clothes too!  LOL

 I cute
 What are little boys made of, made of?  Yep... snakes
 and lizards.... 
 What are little girls made of, made of?  Rainbows and... dolls

a very bright RED dragonfly!  Beautiful!  Wonder where it's gonna fly to next????  Could it be Tennessee?  Hmmmmm...... Maybe the Oranges will go see!  :)

Sunny Side Up!

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