Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Gunner Michael Orange!!!!

I can't believe it! My baby is 1! This year has flown! Don't get me wrong.... 3 is a HUGE change and BUSY and DIFFERENT....but WOW..... It is amazing how much you can still love another one... in a whole new way! I can't imagine our life, our family without him. He is our calm, our chill, our happy, our content, our sweetie pie, our pickier eater, our dancer, our funny.... the list goes on... of what he is. He loves his Daddy and his Noah. They bring a different kind of smile to him and it melts my heart! You know he loves his Mama b/c that is just how little boys are! :) He is a cuddler... and I LOVE IT! He goes with the flow and people in public stop and say all the time, "He is so calm" and "Wow, he just sits there!" I know, I know.... reasons why we love him even more! :) Our family had a wonderful celebration of his bday... laid back, relaxed bday with just us. Lunch was La Hacienda Ranch.... wow.... we wait too long in between to go there! Love that place! It was a perfect day! The kiddo still prefers baby food over table and is full blown walking and looks adorable in jeans! :) Stay tuned for his first haircut! :) Have a wonderful week!
Like I said, He prefers baby food! He didn't care two flips about the cake! Scrunched his nose when we sang Happy Bday! It was sooo funny and soo different from the other two kiddos!

These are my loves! Oh How I Love Them!

Tried a few back yard pics....

Lovely sequence of pics


Emmie couldn't stop holding her face

His new halloween jammies from Aunt Jonanna and Uncle Tai! :) LOVE THEM!

I'm 1!

Time for a couple of presents

Big Boy

Noah helping him with a present

Us with our bday boy

Cupcake girl!

Always doing something for a picture

The 3rd child... the simple celebration... Happy Day!

Can we smile with Mama?


I love this b/c he looks so little!

Riding the horse

Yee Haw!

The girls!

The Boys!

LOVE HIM! We are always entertained! :)

This will make you melt! My 1 year old! Looks like a little man!

Everyone helped with the cupcakes

Pretty girl

Got these new writable icing pens... uhhhh yeah... they are like a food coloring marker! Didn't realize for a while that Noah kept cleaning off the tip of his every time it got icing on it! OOPS!

Just a little batter...don't worry! :)

Loves the yogurt drinks we call "Monkey Drinks" b/c they have a monkey on the bottle...feels big b/c he is using a straw

water babies

Miss Princess

Big girl going to school! She LOVES it! :)

Listening to his Daddy playing a few tunes! Sweet! :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

100th Post :)

Wow... this is my 100th post... can't believe that... I never thought I would stick to doing this or even get started for that matter... I have enjoyed putting pics of our life on here mainly for our family and friends we never get to see that much.... and for the rest of ya... just keepin ya updated on what's going on with the Orange's.... that is, if you have time to look or even care... ha!:) Listened to this song the other day while running and thought of my kids and my life and being a mama.... ha ha... some of the lyrics made me laugh b/c I "do" throw my hands up in the air sometimes. saying AAAA OOOO gotta let go...... I want to celebrate and live my life sayin AAAA OOOO.... b/c I LOVE it! :)I don't "hit the club"....b/c I am in "the club" in my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I feel like sayin yeah kids... "we gonna rock this club... this house.... we gonna light it up like its dynomite..... cuz I told you once (Emmie) and I told you twice (Noah).... just an upbeat song to dance around to my life around here to... Ha! Hope everyone is doing good... we are starting our 4th week of Kindergarten for Noah and our 2nd week of preschool for Emmie. Oh my word! So busy... but lovin it all. Life has to be a little scheduled, a little structured...but that is ok with me. :) Ready for fall... planted some mums... oh yeah! I did! :) Love and More Love to you all! found this little dude on my run... had Gunner in the joggin stroller and just put him underneath in the basket and he traveled with us for a while :)
I love how Gunner looks standing there... he wanted that turtle soooo bad!!!

The After School Surprise... Mommy found it.... :) Kid Points, Kid Points! Ha!

This would be day 1 of free lesson tryout for tap and ballet.... I was melting... had a little break to go change shoes and she said, "Mama, I wanna go home"..... yeah... she was done... I told her maybe be try again when she is 4? She said, "yes, when I am 4"... well.... bummer... but ok. :)

1st day of preschool.... sparkle dress from Nonna and Papa :)

Love my Girl!

Need to find me a good place for pics.... but here are some for now

G man

Pjs.... happy.... love!

brownies!!!!! Let them lick the bowl and spoon! :)

"Oh mommy, you are the best!"

Daddy's turn :)

I don't think Emmie wants you to see her little doll's face??? Ha!

praying mantis... only Noah finds

1st school project :) Family Flag

before Noah goes to school.... check out Emmie's boo boo face :(

This is my girly girl... so fun!

I mean WHAT am I going to do with him? Seriously? Somebody tell me? :)

Pool girl

Lovin it!

"Just chillin Mama"

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