Saturday, December 21, 2013

"It's So Much More Exhausting To Keep Up With The World, Than To Keep Up With Jesus!"

As December got under way, I was much excited for this year because it's going to probably be the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! :) We are staying here for the holidays and there is gonna be a surprise coming that will knock their socks off!!!  So this year I have jumped on board with the "deco mesh" and decided to "deco mesh" everything in my house!  From the trees to the garland on the stairs and pretty much any garland I owned to the garland now around my door and the giant wreath on our home!  Nathan was pretty sick of the words "deco mesh" and I was pretty exhausted from doing it all! LOL! But I wanted to add this little delight this year because it's all over Pinterest... everyone's doing it... and ga lee it's pretty!  :)  But it became mid December and I was just plain exhausted!  Keeping up with all the December to do's... the sign ups for parties, for gifts, for contributing to this and that and sending in stuff everywhere, gifts to ship, cards to send out... Then I have to come up with lists of "things" for others to buy my kids which is sweet... but can become overwhelming.  Noah actually started crying when I asked him what he wanted and said, "I don't know what I want because I don't know what's out there!  I haven't had time to figure it out!"  My heart broke!  Why do we have to come up with crap we WANT from the world?  Why can't we just get something small and simple and surprisingly fun and keep our spirits alive for the REAL reason of Christmas!  All this craziness of December....My head was spinning and I was starting to get a little ba hum buggish!!  I just want to be done with all the STUFF and I just want to sit and look at the lights on my tree and be with my family.   In my exhausted state this thought came to my mind.
It's so much more exhausting to keep up with the world than to keep up with Jesus. 
 The world sucks the life out of you!
 Jesus gives you life! 
 The world makes you think you need all this STUFF!
Jesus tells you all you need is HIM! 
The world will fail you!
Jesus is for eternity!

The good news is things are looking up again... and just in the nick of time, because its 4 more days until Christ was Born! I am officially done with all that "STUFF" and  I am so ready for the simple and sweet, the Christmas Eve service with my beautiful family, the cozy fire and pretty tree, a Christmas gift that is a big surprise,  the crock pot breakfast, the candle lit dinner with my family and remembering why we are celebrating this day!
Merry Christmas Everyone!
May you keep the "Merry and Bright" in your heart and the Peace and Love of Christ in your Christmas!  :)  Love to all! 

 All we want for Christmas is so much of the world... but all we really baby Jesus!
This is still my most favorite of all of my Christmas decorations 

 This year the tree is "Tis the Season to be Merry and Bright"

 Pink sequins fuzzy socks.... feelin like a princess.... from my sweet motherinlaw :)

 :)  thanks Elf!!

Preschool program
 snack time
He would make a good reindeer

 reindeer nose game... hello gasoline!!

 stacking the bolts.... 

 homemade ornament in Kindergarten

 Emmie's team got their snowman wrapped first so they got to wrap their teacher!!

Christmas Bingo

It's my birthday!  Ho, Ho, Ho!  Time to go surprise the kiddos at school on early release and pick them up!  I took their bikes up there early and they didn't have a clue!  I'm going for "Most Fun, But Most Embarrassing Mom of the Year"

 Party time

 "Hello 36"
 "Your not old until the fat lady sings happy bday.... and she did!"  Thanks Noah!!  LOL

 From my sweet sister in Tennesee!!!  Along with "36 Reasons why she loves me"  These were delivered when I was feeling a little tired and OLD on my bday before my afternoon coffee...LOL and just made my day!!!!  I LOVE MY SISTER!!!!

One of my favorites was #14
 "She is an expert on pregnancy/body changes/feelings and gives better advice than Google."   LOL!  That is the best compliment ever Amy!  Me smarter than google???  I am totally giddy!  LOL!

 My Love Man

 My sweet hubby got me a Christmas Cactus... if you don't have need one... They are easy and beautiful and they know when its almost Christmas and they bloom!  Isn't that amazing?

 If anyone wants to know where Emmie's artistic side comes's Nathan!  He is going to have to start doing all of my chalkboard writings for me!!!  :)

 I have felt so celebrated all week and absolutely adore and appreciate all of my friends!  From the texts and calls and facebook messages to drop ins for gifts to the nights out to the girlfriend who sweat with me at the gym... first thing in the morning on my birthday!  Ya'll all know me well... love me... and are journeying along beside me.   It is such a joy to celebrate!!! 
 This man will always make me feel special and celebrated no matter what lengths he has to go to with my bday being 5 days before Christmas!  I love him for his effort... I never really  care because its such a happy time of year that I don't yearn for a bday celebration and don't want people to have one more thing to put on their lists.... but I am ever so grateful for everyone's efforts.  I do Love to Celebrate!  But I love to celebrate everyday!  Cheers to Life, Love and Friendships!

 Look at this face!  
 Ice storm 2013
 Texas trees are still in color coated with ICE!!!  LOL

 Only Noah

Snow baby!!

Snow ninja!

 this pic makes me happy

 daddy and his girl
 Love these people

 Me and the kiddos
Artic Blast 2013!  I love my family!

 Time to warm up!!

 Hot chocolate with marshmallows and Christmas sprinkles

Got chocolate???

Keeping our friends warm and cozy! :)

Merry Christmas 2013
Love the Orange Family!

MeeMaw and the grandkids
Next time we will add one to the bunch!  :)  

 My mama and my sissy

Tennessee Chicks

 My Merry and my Bright!  :)

Love HIM

Always Fun!

 This barn is in Tennessee!  It is Nathan's granddad's old barn :)

Friday, December 6, 2013

"Jesus I THANK You....For This New Blessing!!!!"

For all that You've done, I will thank You
For all that You're going to do
For all that You've promised and all that You are
Is all that has carried me through
Jesus, I thank You 

and I thank You 
thank You Lord
and I thank You
thank You Lord

Thank You for loving and setting me free
Thank You for giving Your life just for me
How I thank You
Jesus, I thank You
I gratefully thank You
And I thank You

I thank you Lord for MY SISTER!  Look at her!  Look at her beautiful smile!  Look at where my hand is..... get a tissue.... 
If you know me...if you really know me... you know how much I love this person!  I loved her in our childhood, I loved her in our teens, I loved her as a woman.... and now... I love her as a MAMA!  25 weeks and due early April.  There is a little baby boy inside that perfect belly of my little sissy!   I could hardly stand to wait to rub it!!!  It's the most emotional thing for me!  There have been so many blessings in this life so far... and some loss too...but a baby... a BABY..... for MY SISTER... is HIGH on the list of BLESSINGS!!!
It was bittersweet to leave Tennessee and always is!  But I am Thankful... For all that HE has done and all that HE'S going to do!!!!! :)
This was the BEST part about my Thanksgiving!!!  Rubbing this bump!!!!  I can't even look at this or think about it without watery eyes!  I love you so much Amy!

Proud Parents to be!!!!!  

 What a memory... what a keepsake... Love my Grandma!

We helped her make her famous apple pie.... 

 We cook, we clean, we wash, we dry, we smile big for the guys on the couch watching football!  :)

But aren't they worth it???  LOL!

 if you could only hear my uncle Roger talk..... He is being funny with his roll!  :)

Frying a turkey

The result

 we love the MeeMaw

 Sleepover with my grandma and sissy! 
Elvis trucker hats on me and my roomy

We stayed in my grandma's Elvis room... which was my mama's room when she was younger... same bedding and furniture!!!  We always call it "the blue room" because the bedding was baby blue.  
Me and Elvis

Fashion show with all the goodies we found in an old closet!
 every woman needs a fur?

 is this fabulous or what?  Bell Bottoms... This would be so me!

Lights out... nite, nite.... but sisters can never stop talking... 

Red is for Love!  I LOVE my Mama!  I just wish I could put her in my purse and take her back to Texas with me!  She might want to jump out of the car and hitch hike back home because I would drive her crazy!  But she would still LOVE me...right Mama????  :)

New RED flowers for the holidays for my Daddy that we miss so much!!!

 Let's celebrate Miss 2 year old some more!!!

 She wouldn't blow her own bday candles out but blew out her cousin Ethan's :)

 The Little Ones... 
 Tennesee Cousins.... everyone is getting so BIG!!!!

 Love my mother in law!

 Gunner wanted to hug on Ethan the whole time!

 Blane... is a super baby!  LOL!  :)  

 Papa take Jensie to see horses

 The good ol digger... 


 glued at the hip!  You would never think these girls are 6 years apart!  They love each other and act like sisters!!  Sooo cute!  We love you Blane!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Enjoy this next beautiful time of year!
Stay tuned for much December Happiness.... 

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