Thursday, July 26, 2012

"TENNESSEE!!!!" Oh Where Do I Begin?????

Finally I come out of my "coma" to revert back to my normal life here in Texas....find time to blog and reminisce about our Tennessee moments! What a wonderful trip to see family!  A good, long visit always gives you enough time to: have your favorite coffee cup in the cupboard, get your feet dirty in the creek, stay up late and talk & laugh and talk & laugh some more and just forget about the rest of the world.... all the normal "to do's".... and soak up FAMILY TIME!!!!  We did just that!  Soo good to see so many and have time to visit!  It literally "felt weird" to leave and I kinda forgot about Texas!  As much as a "live in the moment" kind of mom I am.... I have come home even more refreshed about how I spend my time and who I spend it with.  I love living with a sense of peace and calm and refuse to get too caught up in hustle and bustle.  Not my kind of way of life... I will do my darndess to keep from it!  I love my Texas and am glad to be home but that just means its time to start missing people again!  But that is life huh?  Bittersweet?  Here are too many pics for you to look at but I like to look back and remember and its so hard to leave some out!  So here goes nothing.... :)  
 Cousins playin catch
 Feeding the horse
 The kids had all drawn on their faces with markers!  Blane had not cleaned it off yet!  Ha!  But this is too cute of them two!
 This is what surrounds us!  Trees, Trees Trees!
 Daddy and Jensie on the hammock
 Caught a lightening bug and Nonna fixed her up a jar!  Oh the memories of catching these when I was a kid!
 Jensie giving her Papa some lovin!
 Crazy about Tennessee
 Headin to the creek...
 Such a poser.... I mean... a log?  Really?
 Tarzan has arrived
 Me and my "little ones"
 Muddy Pink is still Pink!
 Nonna loves little creek girls

 Daddy and Noah having TOO much fun!
 Tennessee ain't Tennessee without some of Overs' soup and cornbread!
 Even in JULY!
 He will never turn this down!

 Every little boy needs a dog!  All in due time Orange kids!  All in due time!  :)
 Nature Model
 Love this!
 Always good when they aren't looking...too sweet
 Priceless!  I mean what is he looking at?
 Uncle Tai and Gunner
 This is Classic!  A timeless photo of my father in law....our Papa..... in his garden!  Love this man!
 FREEZE!!!!  I LOVE THIER FACES!!!!!!  Happy moments and feeling ever so "big" with his cousin Kellen :)
 Caught many fish
 Daddy and son... love this!
 Got her barbie fishing pole and ready to catch!  She even got a barbie tackle box from her cousins but she said she didn't want to bring it down to the dock because, "I don't want to get it dirty!"  Bahaha!
 Swingin on the dock with my Jensie Jewel
 what?  double catch
This would be a GINORMOUS catfish Noah had to lay on to get a look at!
Winnie is Tai and Joanna's dog and boy do we love her!
Every good uncle dances with his niece...too sweet
The boys.....
The trees in Tennessee aren't so little
Gunner didn't want to participate....he screamed like a baby...and well... it was nap time!
Happy cousins
"My hat is squishing my eyes mama"
Nonna and Papa.... patient and loving grandparents

Oranges in the creek
another big one
my cutie pie sisterinlaw Joanna and her patriotic fruit pizza!!!
ready to celebrate June birthdays
Nonna let Gunner blow out her candle
The expectant couple :)
My great aunt Sondra :)
Aunt Hannah and Uncle Keith
say cheese
checkers with aunt Joanna
Tai gave his parents a huge American Flag that flew with him through his missions in Afghanistan and was always with him in the helicopter.  So sweet!
"Did somebody say firecracker?"
Little firecracker
All American Girl
All American BOY
Happy 4th of July everyone!
  All American Baby
time for MeeMaw's House
My mama's weeping willow tree....she planted it after my Daddy passed away... it is so pretty!
SISTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Gosh I have missed her!!!
Little bit of sunnin with MeeMaw
Loves the ladder
Salads for the girls
Treasure hunt for the kids!
SOO excited to find their prizes
Isn't he magical with bubbles?  Love this man!
Noah driving the lawn mower!  Thinks he's big stuff!
The traditional wheel barrow ride with MeeMaw
This is my Grandpa Hendrickson... my Daddy's father.  
He met Noah at my Daddy's funeral and now meeting the other three
Grandma and Grandpa Hendrickson and the little girl is my cousin?  what?   
Me and Grandpa.  I can see my Daddy in him.  :)
My Aunt Valerie
Emmie and Riannon were born just a few days apart :)
Grandma Brown... "Lou" :)
The gang
Grandma got to meet Jensie for the first time
Another great grandchild :)
Gunner stole her heart :)  He was too sweet to her!
Emmie getting to decorate mini cupcakes for her birthday celebration at MeeMaw's :)
Yum Yum!
This is dejavu for me of me and my sister.... and I do believe my Daddy was in it too......
The boys shooting guns and stuff :)
Loving this
Ready for church with MeeMaw
We love you MeeMaw!!!
A big tree at MeeMaw's...Nate took this pic and it looks pretty cool!  :)
Aunt Amy and the gang... I love Noah's look
The Hendrickson Girls
Thought this was funny!  We were looking at another camera!  :)  
Birdbaths always make good picture props
The "other" Sister... MY Mama!!!  So good to be all together again!
This woman is my ROCK!  She has taught me so much and listened to me so much and I am just soo thankful God chose HER to be my mama!!!  
Davy and Amy :)
Great pic of my beautiful sister and Gunner loves his Aunt Amy!!!
Another gorgeous pic of my Mama and loving (at the moment) Gunner
Loves her Daddy
The Orange Kiddos!!!  
 my Daddy.  Miss him something awful

The kids and PeePaw

Gency and Jensie.... (Overs)  :)  She rocked her to sleep the first time they met... too sweet!

The screaming boat pic of our family.... it was Gunner's naptime :)

  The Oranges in the creek.... Tennessee time is always good!  :)

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