Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Love A Little Stronger, Dig A Little Deeper"

She's our #4...SHE'S 2!.... Time is flyin!!!  
 But oh...we have sooo much to do!
She's can be so sweet,
Loves to eat treats, 
However, sometimes uses her hands to beat!
It doesn't matter, the siblings still give her love,
Mama has to remind her not to shove!
She gets her way,
but also has timeout every single day!
She's says, "NO!" a lot,
Such an adorable wittle tot!
She's on my leg when there's things I need to do,
but she can't help it...she's only two. 
Some days are hard, some days are good,
If it's hard for me, it's gotta be hard for her to act as she should!
Lots of learning and teaching still to come,
even if mommy and daddy are beat like a drum!
So as the song says....
"Love a Little Stronger, dig a little deeper,
Go a little farther, anything to please you girl!!!"
Each day we're gonna start alll over, 
show you Jensie what's in our hearts....... 
oooooooooh....gonna love a little stronger!!!!!  

Her Just woke up look....
 Happy Birthday juice... Mickey Mouse

 Can you believe it???

 Mickey Mouse...girl style... we went for Minnie :)  

 Miss November is tu tu cute!  
 Sweet girl
 Lookin mischievious....
 My baby girl!!!!!
 Oh how I love her!!!  I can't believe she is 2!!!!
 Her and Daddy
 Time to party!!
 Who's 2???  Me! Me!! Me!!
 Birthday Blessing
 She thinks she can, she knows she can.... she can do it!!!!

 How old are you?



 Her new baby acts like she's is going to sleep when she puts the bottle or paci in her mouth...she coos and makes baby real looking and sounding!!!  Jensie loves her!
 A happy high chair to feed her in

 Some throwbacks to make me sad with tears in my eyes!!!!!  

 3 mths

1 year ago

November has been such a sweet month for us so far... A beautiful season, beautiful weather, 2 birthday celebrations already... Next, Thanksgiving.... I can taste it already! :)
 Love to you all!  Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Holiday!  
Up next..... "What Blessings Are Around YOUR Thanksgiving Table???"

Saturday, November 2, 2013

"It's Been A Buck-Crazy, B00-Tastic & Blood-Thirsty October"

Well.. it's been a month... last time we had just celebrated a bday for Gunner... now it's Noah's turn!  Then Jensie!!!  We do a lot of celebratin around here!  :)  Fall is fun!  The season changes... the weather and trees are gorgeous!  New activities for the family and birthdays to celebrate, soup to eat, fires to sit by and naps on the porch!! All reasons I love fall!  Hope you are taking in this new season with happiness in your heart and eyes open to the beautiful colors! If God made Earth this gorgeous for us to see... can you fathom how beautiful Heaven will be?  SEASONS Change!  Always makes me think of that Expose song, "Seasons Change"  It's sooo old... but I remember it from when I was younger.  :) Finally figured out how to put music back on here since stopped doing it!  I love music! Unfortunately you won't hear it from a phone device.  
Happy Fall Ya'll!

 Happy 9th Birthday Noah Mattai!!
Our Buck-Crazy Coon!

 We just need a buck!  

 Dunkin donuts came to town so Noah wanted to try it out on his bday

 happy sugary kiddos
 opening presents from Tennessee

 a camo photo album for all his hunting pics :)
and a giftcard for more "designer 3rd grade clothing"  LOL!  Aka... athletic gear!!!
 every boy needs a little pink!  
 very surprised.... 
 drum roll please.... mama made him a starburst bracelet!  Yes... I finally mastered the loom!!!  :)

 surprised him at school on Halloween for an early bday lunch from WhichWich...our other new place in Colleyville he wanted to try :)  He was sooo sweet about me coming!  Hugged me during the middle of lunch and just said so sweetly, "Mom, thanks for coming."  Yep... melted me.  He was just happy to have me there and that felt so nice.  
 His 2nd wild pig to get at the lease... there are loads of them there!  did you know they have babies like 3 times a 20 at a time!  

"Too Bright for Drugs"  Red Ribbon Week dress up
Can you say "Red Ribbon Week" semi fast?  We have laughed and laughed because mama can't do it!

 Pumpkin Patch fun

 Here is most of the gang... red eyes.. white eyes... its Halloween eh?

 Hayride for the families!  Fun times


 I messed up Jensies face trying to get rid of white eyes

 The Orange Pumpkins
 Fall Festival at school is always a fun time

 Treats and Games and Friends and Fun


 Hangin out to dance

 Little cutie

 Halloween Confessions:  Everyone has a little "witch and monster in them?"  LOL!

 Halloween Princess

 Halloween Princess
 Trick or Treat?

 This is going to be a fun night?

 Oh you know it is!!!  Look what I have done to him already!!!

 Watch out!!! Somebody is a little "blood-thirsty"

 Love all the costumes!  Cleopatra is running around somewhere taking pictures and she is missing in her golden goodness!!! 

 Andy always puts on a show!

 The Vikings!
 Had to get a pic of this fam... This adorable cheerleader has 5 boys!!!  

 Coach Henry always likes to keep us confused and entertained!  

 Isn't he "Boo-tastic"?

 Isn't he adorable?

 Chicks dig this look!

 OHHH dear!!!!

 The 4th baby is always a baby monster!  Hee Hee!

 But I love my little monster and we are having a blast with our time together!  

 bday party with his buddy

 The teeth are coming in 
 football fun at Noah's game

 bday party...

 She is so sweet!  She reminds us to pray sometimes before we start!  

 Always in a tree

Two lizards are better than one :)

Sunny Side Up!

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