Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January Stuff

Well... its January... almost over... time flies! I am sitting here listening to the quiet... and along with that .. I hear sleet hitting the iced over windows. It's kind of nice. It's BRRR... cold and nice to be cozy inside. Kind of funny b/c it was 80 degrees this time last week! :) That's what I love about Texas though is no matter if it gets cold or rainy ...there's always sunshine and warm weather to come...even in the winter! ok am I getting old talking about the weather on my blog? :) Ha!

We have been busy, sick and always happy! Emmie loves the word "NO"... saying it ...that is! She has arrived to the fit throwing, put your face on the floor almost 2 year old! She started saying Noah's name over Christmas and its adorable! Every morning she sits in her bed and yells, "Mama, Mama, Noah, Noah"... I love to hear it and so does he! Noah was sick with a virus and pretty pitiful for a few days. Now he's back to his helpful little self and eating me out of the house! He wants chicken noodle soup for EVERY meal and thinks I'm the best b/c of Campbells! :) I will have to share his latest statement to me... Me and Nate were tucking him in for bed the other night and he grabbed his shortsleeved tshirt and said, "Mama, you are a perfect Mama, you know just what jammies to put on me when I'm hot, You're perfect!" Awwww, I will take that sweet talk anyday. The little things... I love it that my 4 year old appreciates them. :) ok well... here's some January for ya! Blessings!
Snowman Art...
Snowman Pizza! MMMM!

Noah and his buddies Camille and Peyton in bible class at church

Where's Emmie? Can you find her? Her cradle roll class is busting out the door!
She got to sit in a big chair this time!

Glamour Girl

Policeman and Cinderella

Let's go somewhere!

Filler up!

Loves to play with baby blankets and wrap on her head. I swaddle many babies for her! :)

Baby Blue

Can't really see her grin.. but its sweet.

Me and my loves...

Noah giving some sweet time before school.

Mr. Big


Yep.... got into Noah's yellow paint that had a closed lid!

Tooty Grin

Mr. Channing Rd. hanging out with some buddies on the sidewalk

Staring off into the sky

Miss Hollywood

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mega Post

Well here are the last of our Christmas with my fam and an awesome New Year! Amy & Bobby and my dear Mother... thank you for a wonderful time. I don't think we could have laughed any more! :) It was great! Mom, put an upbeat song on here so you wouldn't be sad looking at pics of our time together. Hope everyone is having a superb 2009.... things are getting back to normal around here and that feels great! Happy New Year to you all! Hugs and more Hugs!
Just Us! :)

Ready for our shopping extravaganza! It's always a classic! :) Had a blast Amy!

Teary eyed goodbyes :(

MeeMaw and her Noah

Noah got a spider man umbrella.

Does he always have to get naked?

Emmie got a stroller

Me and Noah in my Grandma's Elvis room

We dressed up for my Grandma. She likes sequins and sparkle!

Hmmm maybe that's where I get it? :)

I love this... 4 generations and everyone's mouth is open except mine.

Meemaw.... just smile... we will take care of getting the kids to smile! :) Ha!

Noah and Emmie Lou's Great-Grandma Brown

Isn't she cute? She always wears Titans stuff! Cracks me up!

All the gals

Only my Mother would take a picture of us chowin down!

Your darn right that's a porkchop I'm aputtin in my mouth!

Mom, bring me some more potato salad in April! Please?

Silly Sisters! Look at my sister's eye! Nuts!

My sweet honey bun

Camo boy

Noah on his new SMART cycle! Ha! It is so cute!

Sweet Emmie Lou in her nightgown riding her new big girl ride.

My lil rascals

Tough Spider Boy

He wanted to be Snow White... Nathan cringes! :)

Sibling Love! I love it!

Does this boy need a dog or what? One day.

This is Dupree ... his cousin dog!

Modeling is wearing me out!

"ok fine! One more pose... but I'm not looking at the camera! "

Emmie eatin eggs at the big table

Lil angel at bathtime

2009 Lovebirds!

Happy New Year from us! :)

Happy New Year Amy!

2009 HAS to be good! :)

ok now the new year can begin... Emmie says it's official.

Bye Bye to MeeMaw.... it was fun! :) We love you!

Lucky ones!

Who's the bigger goober?

The British pig in a nightgown BABY! Love you Bobby!

Noah & Emmie love them some Bobby and Amy and yes, yes... DUPREE!

This is the most photogenic dog! He always looks right at the camera!

Happy New Year Dupree! :)

Last and For Sure not the Least.....

Me and my Daddy

Oh how I miss him and long to be with him again one day!

Sunny Side Up!

Summer is SUNNY SIDE UP!!!! It’s been the kind of Summer this Mama loves! Sometimes we are one day at a time... one hour at a time. No plans...