Saturday, June 21, 2014

"This Fairy Is Rockin Her 7th Birthday!"

Emmie Lou is SEVEN!  Where does the time go?  It seems like yesterday she entered this world as an ANGEL dropped out of HEAVEN after we buried my Daddy 3 weeks prior.  She was perfectly plump and pretty in pink!  She wore bows and dresses and glittery shoes and gave me so many fun things to do!  HE knew I would need HER to distract me from the grief.  She is a delightful, sweet, kind, artistic little girl.  It's hard to watch them get older...but fun to see their excitement with the coming of their birthday!  What a fun party to prepare for!  So many details... but all of them were lovely!  I have to give much credit to Pinterest for the party table ideas that were easy and fun to create!  She is our nature, outdoor, girl in a tree that feels like she has the whole world to see!  I know she will remember this day and this party!  It was magical and memorable!  
Happy Birthday to my sweet Emmie Lou!

 Ready to make their own fairy garden!

Hubby took this from upstairs and even though the screen messed up the clarity... it looks so fairy like down there!

 Fairy Treats that are Sweet to Eat!

 Her and her fairy cake her awesome artisty daddy decorated for her! Such a perfectionist he is!  :)

Daddy worked hard!  :)

 What a delightful bunch of friends!  We welcome you anytime!

 Fairy Friends

 Time for the P-P-PRESENTS!

 Wonder what's in this one?

 I love her face
 Make a wish my sweet little girl


 Rockin this Fairy Party Poolside

 A little after party art time
 More Presents from Tennesee!  :)
 Still Young 
 Sweet innocence

 Getting Older

 Happy Birthday to our 7 year old Emmie Lou
 She is so easy to love!
Me & My Fairy Angel

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"20 Years Of Throwbacks Of Nathan & Angie.... Where It All Began!"

Get ready.... For  A LOT of throwbacks!  Today is June 17 and 20 years ago on this day.... I began my life with Nathan Orange....
Who could ever have dreamed up what it's all turned into.  
In a little country town... Ashland City, Tennessee... is where it all began....
I was 16 and he had just turned 17... Had so much fun dating and just couldn't get enough of him!  We dated our summer before Junior year and all through high school.  The song playing on here is by an old band we loved in high school.  Candlebox- "Far Behind" was our song... not really the words so much but we just loved it!  I will never forget after dating 3 months we had left a friend's house (Rory Mallard! :) and were driving to our separate homes and our song was on and he whipped his car over in the Walmart parking lot... because we were about to turn down different roads.  I turn in wondering what  was going on... He rolls down his window and we talked of how our song was on... and he tells me..... He Loves Me.  
He stuck by me through the thick and through the thin.... I will always remember when I knew he must really love me after my daddy sort of had a heart to heart with him (up against the brick of our house)... with not so friendly language.  We deserved it.  But he stuck by me and we never broke up.  Even though I was grounded forever!  LOL!  We made it through college... and the spring break before we were gonna graduate... He Proposed!!!  4 months to plan a wedding... he obviously wasn't a "planner" but I think I knew all my life it would be simple and sweet and not much really mattered except the fact that I was walking down the isle to marry him. 
We moved straight to Texas.. and have been here ever since. (Next month is 13 years.)  We have had 4 children and now a dog to add to the mix!  Life is crazy but we can't imagine it without each other.  God has been so good to us and blessed us so much!  He has taken care of us, our relationship, our love, our children.  I give him all the glory!  I will always know Marriage Takes Three!  :)  
Happy 20 years to my Love of this Lifetime!  

 He had shoulder surgery 6 months into our dating and I was there to visit him.

 We are piling our plates full

So young!!

 he loved me even in the overall days....

 College graduation... that is Nathan's beautiful mother

 He showed love to my cat even though she bit his toes...

 He makes me laugh every day!

 Had to this a few times throughout the years :)

 Putt Putt Golfin
 This is all we use to do.... before kids!  LOL!

 Eating shaved ice
 Ready for camping
 He can pitch a tent!  
 How can you not love a guy that loves his grandmother?

 New Years
 He would come to my apartment and grill kabobs 

 Christmas at his grandmothers

 skiing in college... good times

 My hiker honey
 My first time to the beach.... with my Love

 Junior Year Prom
 Senior Year Prom

 Who knew young love would last forever?

 A good man in the making.....

 My High School Sweetheart

 We love the beach!

 Peach Park..... That's a Peach behind us... hee hee

 He brought me a real Christmas tree for my bedroom when we were dating... one of the sweetest things ever!

 He dressed up as Santa in high school.... yes I had to get my pic with him

 He made me a snowman in my parents yard

 Senior Prom
 Prom King and Queen.... I was soo surprised!  

 High School graduation

 Senior Trip!

Fun, Fun with friends! 

Tennessee/Alabama game.... 3rd row 50 yard line.... we got soaked!

 Fall Creek Falls Camping and it was FREEZING... But that doesn't stop my man!
He hikes
 he swings
 He sits on logs for his girlfriend to take pictures so we can look back at our memories one day.....


If you're still listening... "From This Moment" by Shania Twain is on and we played that song at our wedding!  Love it still!
 We did it!  After 7 years of dating.... I'm finally Mrs. Nathan Orange :)

My Love of this Lifetime

 Opryland Hotel

 My baby driving me in a big moving truck all the way to T-E-X-A-S!!!!!  Ready to start our married life!  

 Love Life!
 Our 1st home

 beating me in monopoly

 Kisses and Love

 Ran our 1st Turkey Trot.... all hills.... YUCK!


My 1st marathon and my biggest fan

 don't know why I can't get these to turn... some of the funny Halloween costumes
1st baby on board in my tummy

 He dressed up like a baby!  He let me make him a DIAPER!!!  A Diaper!

 One of our favorite restaurants at Christmas time... La Hacienda Ranch!

Silly glasses.... 

 Our 1st Child.... We look like babies too!

 Added a couple more to the mix :)

 We still look like we are 17?  

 Another baby on board... will we ever stop???  :)

 Love, Love, Love HIM!

 10 years of marriage... ARUBA!

 Barns are so romantic

 He can still pick me up!

 New Years with my Love

Texas Bluebonnets and my Baby
My Mexico Man
 Some Beach...Somewhere!

 Nestled in a Tennessee Tree

Father's Day 2014!  My Love, My Partner, The Father to our 4 children! I am so proud of the man he has become and look forward to many more pictures and many more memories with Nathan Orange!

 June 17th.....20 years together...... We dated, We Loved, We Married, We Loved, We became a family, We loved, We know how to Love...... We may not do it perfectly all the time... but we sure do try!  Here's to many, many more years of LOVE!

1 Corithians 13: 4-8   Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  Love never fails.  

Sunny Side Up!

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