Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's 2012!!!

Well here we are... 2012.... wow!  I love the days that creep but sometimes you look up at the calendar and the month is 1/2 gone!  We are taking care of our own over here.... Now that we are a Party of 6.... there is always something going on.... someone to take care of, hold, play with, feed, change, get to sleep, take some where!  But I love it!  I am thankful for it!  Lately I have been too tired to even stay caught up with my social networking and the world around me.  I fly by the seat of my pants with cooking what I can scrounge up in the pantry, make sure the lunch is packed, folders signed, coat is zipped, diaper is fresh, doctor appointment not forgotten....deep breath... when the day is done... I sit on the couch and am too tired to blog, to brag, to show off my cuties, to write a thankyou note, to plan for tomorrow, to type on a computer, to plan for upcoming events.....But then a day like today comes around.... my hubby was able to take my daughter to school and pick up.... I have been in my pjs all day.... blogged, ate some soup, cuddled and hugged my little ones at home with me and I really need to fold some more clothes... decide what's for dinner, wash my face? Brush my teeth?  Hmmm....or make some coffee and cuddle up with my other two that are home from school? I can always make spaghetti last minute right?  It is so cold here today... hard to do much of anything productive.  I hope your New Year has started off Happy and Blessed and Healthy and Cheers to all of you for a wonderful 2012! 

 8 pt. BUCK Noah and Nathan killed together... first buck they have gotten together :) 
 Here are the coon skin hats MeeMaw brought for the boys for Christmas when she came and surprised us.  Gotta love our MeeMaw!!! 
 Daddy and his baby girl
Let's Party!

 Gunner LOVES his Aunt Ki... aka Kimberly :)
 and Jensie Jewel already does too!  :)
 Olivia the entertainer
 So happy!
 Happy New Year Jensie! 
 Time for some confetti action! 
 Yep.... It's gonna be a good year :)
 Happy New Year from us...
 I can't get anything done... soakin up this little thing!~!!!
 She is a baby doll just like Emmie was!
 Isn't this funny.... this is her life... she gets to look at all three of them hovering over her all the time!!!  :)
 She loves her brothers and sister
 I mean... come on!  Seriously!  Cutest thing ever!
 Making mommy melt!
 All tuckered out on DaDa
 I am a boy.  I play in the dirt.  I like sticks.  A LOT!
 They built a fort they say... played here forever!
 Aren't they cute all huddled up together?  :)
 Who loves to smile?
Happy girl
Went to a Cowboys game together... making them memories :)

The next set of pics are when the grandparents were here.... Hip Hip Hooray for Grandparents!  What would we do without them?  Oh my!  We love Nonna and Papa and MeeMaw and talk about them everyday!  Gunner doesn't like it that they went bye bye on the airplane... he says, "Nonna, Papa... Home!"  He means he wants them to come back HERE to our HOME!  It is so cute but sad.  We loved our visits from them all!  Can't wait for the next one! 
Nonna and Papa
They love their Nonna and Papa
Some sweet time with Papa and Daddy cleaning up leaves
This was our Thanksgiving table!  So happy we had family with us this year. 

I love this picture! 

Emmie's turn for Papa's lap
Our Papa
Noah and Papa throwing the baseball.... sweet times
Noah and Papa watching some football together

Our Nonna
Tea time with Nonna :)

MeeMaw got to see Noah play baseball
Eating outside with MeeMaw
Coach and Noah
Our MeeMaw
Jensie and MeeMaw
MeeMaw lets us climb in the tree
Emmie is proud for her brother and daddy

Thanks for coming again MeeMaw!
Them coonskin hats MeeMaw brought the boys.... doesn't get any better than coonskin hats!  They love em!
 Love this!  This is MeeMaw's boy! And he a boy!!!!

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