Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Holidays! The Jolly! The Happy! The Bright!

I am going to try to not make this the "Postess with the Mostess Pictures"… Where do I begin?  December!  The best month of the year! Do you have to ask why?
 I love the programs, the parade, the baking, the parties, the church services, the cozy, the home, the cards, the lights, the tree, the celebrations, the family, the friends, the yummy food & drinks, the weather and don't forget the music!  
It is a W-I-L-D month of fun and memories,  and as you are doing December you feel the crazy but you just keep going… and going… and going! You laugh, you sleep, you tear up and maybe even cry a lot because it's just an special & emotional month, you stress, you check the lists, you check em again, you rewrite new lists,  you work on lots of patience in traffic and long lines and just not enough time to fit it all in, you decorate, you go to the grocery store 197 times during the month, you forget to pay a bill… or two (sorry honey).. your late, you finish decorating, you make chez mix for all your neighbors, teachers & friends… A LOT of chez mix, you mail gifts, you mail cards, you shop online for a better deal until your eyes are glazed over,  you wrap, you shimmy here and shimmy there, you hope the dry shampoo and red lipstick will make you look holiday ready cause you just don't have time for fresh curls and makeup? Somehow… you do it all!  You get it done!  
You spend time with family and friends that make it ALLL worth it!  They put the sparkle in your eyes, the cling in your glass, the happy in your pictures, the cozy in your cuddles… Which makes all the Crazy above worth it! 
So… that my friends is why December is the best month of the year! :)

 Sonny is cool with whatever we want to do!  
 Gunner awaiting for his Christmas Program at preschool…. 

 I should own a chez mix factory….. or "Texas Trash" as they call it here!  
 This was the first go round and I was super excited and sending a pic to my mom and sis… 
Don't get me wrong… I LOVED doing it… but the list kept growing of who I needed more jars or tins for!  It's a stir every 10 minutes for 2 hours recipe from my sis and me and Nate became pros!

 Noah's school party… he made his ornament with Jensie in his lap and wrote both their names on it.  :)

 Jensie getting sugared up at Emmie's party

 Live reindeer!  What?
 New ornament Alert!  A Camper to celebrate us getting a camper this year that my kids want to move into!  LOL!
 Sonny's first ornament from last Christmas
 Our little sombrero ornament from our Mexico trip!  Fun memories!

 Gunner made this baby Jesus at school.  LOVE IT!!!

 Our nutcracker we added to our little collection this year… Camo… That's Right!

 Made me all happy setting my table with Christmas dishes for the month and to put these 2 special glasses I have out for me and Nate… Funny Story-  Nathan earned these years ago by eating at Arby's A LOT… They are so beautiful and thinking of all that grease he consumed just for me… just makes me cry!

My kiddos! 

 My favorite Christmas Card… My Sister's!  That baby is the best gift one could ever receive!  I know she feels that way and I am overjoyed for this card! I was giddy opening it when I got it in the mail!  

 Cozy Family Selfie!  
 Going out for my 29th… Again!  :) 
 Birthdays are always fun! 

 Love them!
 Happy Birthday to Me!
 Just another December Sunday! :)

 Smile my sweet boys!
 Daddy got the perfect pic!

 Mommy's is cute too
 Excited about spreading some cheer and inviting neighbors to church for Christmas Eve

 More Birthday Celebration!!  
My gym besties
   We are "The Angela's" LOL

 Selfies are sweet…. Especially when you have food in your teeth
 Yummy cake!

 Happy Gals
 We have a lot of fun at the gym but getting out on the town is pretty fun too!  :)

 These are the moments… Red with glitter with an extra coat of silver diamond sparkles on top!  I love my girls!

 Christmas Eve!  
 Do you know what these are?  Little balls of evil!  Actually… they are Heaven and a must with your coffee!  Ya Ya Ya!  Glad to be done with those!  :)

 Boys got the first snow at the lease the day after Christmas!  

 Father/Son time… they LOVE it!

 Well… then the girls must have some fun too!!!  Off to the Galleria we go!  

 Our 1st Trip to the American Girl Doll Store!  So super special!  
1) I successfully got out of the bubble and drove on the crazy Dallas 6 and 7 lane interstates with loopty loops and fast cars whipping by me with my hands at 10 & 2 and praying "Lord, please keep us safe!"  Saying, I'm doing this for my girls, I'm doing this for my girls the whole time I was driving there.  
2)  I started crying and had to pull myself together as soon as we walked in this two level building… it was amazing!  

 Tea for her new Bitty Baby she got for Christmas
 Emmie brought her dolls she's had and got to get their hair fixed and one of their ears pierced

 This was fun!  My sis and me use to play on these all the time when my mom would take us shopping!  

 I love how Jensie is looking at Emmie's doll.

 The TREE was GINORMOUS!  Magical!

 Back home… new outfit for dolls, new pets with outfits & leases… I will never forget them on that day!

 Just a random night… I love seeing my kids snuggle with one another!

 Another night out with wonderful friends!  

 My beautiful friend Lisa! 
 Car Selfie waiting for friends to arrive… We don't get out much… obviously!  LOL!

 Feeling young… at our 3rd place for the night… back in our town… it's like a "Cheer Pub"…. where everybody knows your name…. Ha!

Surprise visits are a treat!
Glad I got to see my Angela's! 

Happy New Year to all my friends and family!  May it be blessed and bright!  

Kindness really makes the world go round!  Be kind and Love others!  That brings the upmost joy in your heart!  

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