Friday, April 25, 2014

"Gettin Our Groove On.... Mexico Style!"

We don't need a whole lot of anything.... We just want a little bit of everything?  All inclusive???  I think... YES!  Bring on the Chips and guacamole!  Bring on the frozen drinks!  Bring on the fun!
If you know me... you know I never leave my kiddos.... It's hard to get away often when you have four children and no family in town.... BUT.... just gotta kick back and get under the sun and be with awesome people cause frankly.... Life is too short to do anything less!  Oh how I can't wait for next time!  

 Here we go!

Airplane ride.... I love this part!  
 Our awesome room!

 Our patio 

 "Do you hear that honey?"  AWWWW!!!!  Ready to relax and have fun!!!

Lunch first!  We are all starved!

The Angela's..... 
no we didn't plan to all wear white jeans.... that's just how we roll!  LOL!

 All the ladies!  

 Coffee time on the roof!!!!

 Happy Mamas!

 Time for some dinner... no high chairs, no sippy cups, no crayons, no mac & cheese

 What's next??? 
 Ready for some fun!

 Mamas out for the night.... yes we have kids.... 19 kids between us all!!!! 
We deserve some fun eh???

 A Michael Jackson Show!!!  
Singing a little chill song....

Michael Jackson songs makes you want to get up and dance!

 Spa Day!!!  
We need it!!!

Sippin my tea... all relaxed..... do we have to leave?

 Time for some sun....

 and some hammock fun...

 Girl Time

 Guy time

 A beach photographer took these next few photos...

 They made him kiss me!  LOL!

 They made me kiss him!  But I didn't mind!  :)

 The photographers took our picture for this and the Aztec guy told me to look at him in his eyes on one of them... it was weird... because he had a mask and net over his face.... 

 The Mexican Festival.... A very fun night with lots of sombreros and music and authentic food

Another show!!!  

 Gettin our groove on at the Disco!!!

 Gettin our chill on....
 My tan bare feet....
 Our last night.... All 12 of us!  We ate Indian food.... didn't think I would like it... but oh YeS!!  Spicy is good!

My Love

Our last night they had this on our bed when we got to our room

Our last morning

 Look what I found.... a big ol gecko!
 I need some of these trees around our pool!!

 Bye Bye Mexico!  We will be back!!!!!

The plane ride again....Sniff, Sniff.  Leaving this gorgeous place!!!!  

Monday, April 14, 2014

"You Are My Northern Star Mama"

One of the Best Long Weekends EVER!!!!  
Happy 60th Mama!!!

It's so great to know that of my 36+ years on this earth... all that I have been through good and bad... that every road always has an Exit- Mama... God did indeed bless the broken road and it always led me straight to her....whether it was at one end of the kitchen table while she was at the kitchen sink or a phone call from Texas to Tennessee... She's always been there for me.  She understands.  She's part of God's plan for me and she is like my northern star.  How can you not want to do something special for someone who is your light... your guide... your northern star.... your Mama!!!  
Especially when she is turning 60!!!  
She is Proverbs 3:18! "She is a tree of life to those who embrace her; those who lay hold of her will be blessed."
I Love You Mama!  

This is where it all began.... A week before her birthday she got anonymous flowers with funny card.... 2 days later...balloons welcoming her into the Silver Years... The next day.... More flowers with a poem.... all anonymous!!!!!  She was off Friday to prepare for my sis and baby that were coming for a visit.... 

 This adorable little nephew of mind picked me up from the airport and I got to go to the pediatrician for a check up with him and my sweet sis... what a TREAT!  
 They dropped me off up the road a little and I hid behind some trees by the road.. with balloons and an Easter Lily.... HAAAAA!!!  Sissy text me it's all clear to come ring the door bell and SURPRISE my mama for her big 60!!!  Whooo Hoooo!  

 All together for a long weekend!!!!  This is pure happiness in this picture!
 Did someone just put an angel in my arms?????  YES!  He is so perfect and I LOVE CULLEN MICHAEL!!!!!!

 A little baby shower from me :)
 Gotta get Cullen sweet treats
 Got one thing for my sis... the scarf with the most fitting verse for her and the precious gift she is holding in her arms....
"Luke 1:45  Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her. "
 does he look happy to see me or what???  :)
Baby Love

I am in baby heaven!

Time to treat mama to some spa time :)
 Pedicure, Manicure & Facial..... for the Sweet 60 year old Mama!

 She deserves all this and more!!!

 There were several relaxation rooms for us to relax in between services and this one had stars twinkling on the ceiling!  So awesome! 

 Home to have some wuvvy time with my Cullen
Yes I fell asleep with him....
 Going to Church with my Mama
 My Grandma just turned 84 and Mama is 60

taking her to one of her favorite places to eat to treat her for her birthday!  Isn't she beautiful??!!

 Went hiking at one of my mom's favorite parks with beautiful scenery
Selfies!  Yes please.... It's her birthday!  :)
  Happy 60th Birthday!!!!  Grandchild #5 Cullen Michael 
 Aunt Linda coming by for some girl time with us and she also got to hold sweet Cullen
sisters... aren't they cute in their reading glasses....
 Birthday Morning!  April 14th  HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY TO OUR MAMA
NOTHING better than a miracle baby!  
 She wakes up and the birthday fairy visited till 2 in the morning!!!!!

 Coffee, Cards, Picture of US
 Party Table!
 Gift #1 Tissues Please!

 For our Mama
 so many wonderful words to describe my wonderful mother
 Isn't she lovely???
 so fun
 My daddy and her

 Our Home
 our family
 The two they created
 The Hendrickson Girls
 Me and Mama
 I blessed her with a lot of baggage!  LOL
 Amy and Mama
 Could the timing not been any more perfect?  TRUE GIFT
 MeeMaw is Awesome!
 The grandparents....and Noah

 MeeMaw has had some great hair.... probably because she gets good rest with the grandkids :)

 Noah & MeeMaw

 Emmie & MeeMaw

 Gunner & MeeMaw

 Jensie & MeeMaw

 Cullen & MeeMaw

 Mama loves the outdoors and hiking! She has been to some beautiful places only God can create!

 Friends! Fun times!

 Family Fun!

 Family & Friends

Good times at MeeMaw's House

 Gift #2 
Something special for the big 60!
Something to symbolize 60 years of life and blessings.
April's birthstone is diamonds.
Mama is the diamonds that hold our family together...she's beautiful and sparkly but strong and secure.
Me and Amy are the champagne diamonds.... We are close to her & are "her girls" along with Emmie & Jensie who let her remember how it use to be having us a little girls.
The center 4 diamonds stand for 1- my daddy who will always be in the center of our hearts forever.  Our love for him will always be piercing in vibrant color like this blue.
The other 3 are "her grandsons".... the boys she never had... that are gonna wrap her around their fingers with their adventure and tender love.

Sunny Side Up!

Summer is SUNNY SIDE UP!!!! It’s been the kind of Summer this Mama loves! Sometimes we are one day at a time... one hour at a time. No plans...