Monday, February 11, 2013

"3 A.M. TOUGH!"

So it's February.... my Daddy's Birthday Month... He would have been 60 years old on February 9th.   His birthday came and went... nothing out of the ordinary happened for the day or night...didn't really have to time to sit around and think of him because it was football games for Noah... 2 of em.. and then Daddy/Daughter Dance for Emmie.  I was busy!  Great night for the Daddies and Daughters and fun pics to show...
 It wasn't until 3 A.M. that I was awakened with Jensie coughing and it was one of those that made her VOMIT! All over the sheets in my bed.... all the while...big lightening and thunderstorm... Gunner awakes and is scared.... Hubby heads up to be with him  and I clean up me and the baby.  Come back into our room to find my efficient hubby has already stripped our bed.  So I get sheets and remake our bed with Jensie sitting in the middle so she won't cry.  Then take dirty bedding to the washer with baby on hip...load the vomit blankets.... gag.  I get back in the bed to cuddle with my baby girl and am wide awake.... can't think of nothing but MY DADDY!  I think of how strong and tough he was.  I think of being 3 A.M. TOUGH and how I was born to do this!  I am my father's daughter and he lives in my was 3 hours past his birthday but I felt him with me.  I miss him so much.  How can it still hurt so bad?  But I am gonna keep being tough and strong because that is what he would want me to do.  That is how he raised me!  He even pushed me to practice basketball in the ice storm like no other by offering to go pick up the whole basketball team so we could practice?  Whewww!  I laugh now.... but didn't then!  :) So this is my Happy 60th Birthday to my Daddy! 

 My parents with Noah
 Me and Daddy... The only time I ever went for a ride with him.  I will NEVER forget it!!!!!!

My college graduation

And now for our lately pics.... Celebrations with friends, ending flag football season for Noah, Daddy/Daughter Dance for Emmie and some school and home pics. :)

 It's all about the hair?
 Horse and carriage ride for the Daddies and Princesses
 Her horse awaits her
 Time to dance
 All dolled up
 doing the chicken dance?
 Girl Power
 Lookout Colleyville!  Here I come! LOL

 Growing up!
 These remind me or Shirley Temple!

 You just hold the camera and she will continue to pose in a million is so cute!

 sweet girl
 I love this pic! Daddy's little girl!
 Ready to go!
 Stealing a kiss before the night begins
 Is it Prom?  Getting together with friends before the dance for pictures of coarse!  LOL

 Some great Dads and Daughters
 Gonna have to keep things calm tonight you three!!!

 Pretty Girls!  
 This is what Gunner thinks of the Daddy/Daughter dance!
 Our friend Andy has a tux and SHOES to go with it with BOWS on them!  So funny and the girls LOVED it!  Emmie wanted her Daddy to wear his "wedding suit" too....but then I had to explain to her that we rented it and didn't have it anymore.  
 Quick pic with her hair and makeup lady...aka:  MAMA! :)
 Time to Party!
Determined to have fun without the girls!

 Rodeo Day at Preschool

 Lil Miss Cowgirl
 Boot cookie
 Line Dancin
 Always well behaved :)
 This lovely bus took 6 families to Mid Evil Times for a birthday celebration for friends!  My friends hubby rented it to surprise her and her son for their birthdays!  They were so surprised when we all shoed up in this!!!  Sorry Kelly!  LOL

 The girls!
 The Knights and Princesses
 Beth?  Where did she go?  
 My little knight

 Love this!  These horses are so cool!
 Enjoying the show
 Yes...they threw flowers to the girls.... 

 Unbelievable seats... 1st and 2nd row.... Front and Center!  So cool
 The knights
 The fight
 Lovin it!

 Proud of her flower

Our keepsake.. What a fun night!  Love these families!

What a CATCH! 


 Going for the ball

 Getting his flags
 My tough 8 year old

 I love action shots

 The fans
Keeping close eye on the game

Daddy and his Love Bugs

 Mama and her Valentines

 Jensie wouldn't cooperate

 This is where the Love began.... :)

 I love a man who ain't afraid of fuschia!  :)  LOL

Always something special for the camera :)

Jensie is like.... "Oh dear..... I am a part of this family!"

Last but not least.... don't forget.... "Let Them Be Little".... found this little sign at the CAR WASH place!  So special...Special Song... Because My Daddy gave it to me to hear and I Always think of him and he is constantly in my heart reminding me to "let them be little" and enjoy every moment!  

Sunny Side Up!

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