Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"What Is Tennessee Made Of, Made Of? What Is Tennessee Made Of?"

What is Tennessee made of, made of?
What is Tennessee made of?
Big Trees & porch swings,
And a fridge packed FULL of things!
That's what Tennessee is made of.

What is Tennessee made of, made of?
What is Tennessee made of?
Memories & Fun,
And Family that loves you a TON!
That's what Tennessee is made of.

What a trip it always is "back at mama's"....
This time... my new nephew :),  a waterslide bouncehouse, a treasure hunt, the lightening bugs...the big trees, the family meal & the country tunes in the backyard made for a perfect night.  It sure made me miss my daddy.  As I was preparing some potatoes for our meal... he popped in my mind.  I could see his face chewing potatoes. Then outside... my children all dancing around the yard to music & catching lightening bugs... my hubby takes my hand to dance & for a second I lose my breath.  It felt like a sledge hammer to my chest.... because everything felt so perfect but my Daddy wasn't there with us to experience it too.  I  just close my eyes and try not to cry.  It was a Tennessee night "back at mama's"!  But even without him there....
Some things never change and there is such comfort in those things... I love the memories of growing up...but I love how "home" still feels like it did when I was young.  
We are surely a chaotic bunch to show up for a visit... but for some wonderful reason... they always have a place for us and it's like we never left. 
Also, my inlaws are surely the best set you could ever find. The whole family hasn't been together for a couple years and it was so sweet to all be together again.  A new Orange Baby is on the way.  My brother in law Tai & Joanna are expecting #2 and not finding out what it is.  :)  Lots of excitement!  :)  
We had a wonderful visit & always look forward to the next one!  
Thanks for putting up with us! :)

To Tennessee We Go!!!

This is happiness
Back at Mama's
 A Home cooked Breakfast at MeeMaw's
 birthday celebrations from MeeMaw
 Lovin on our new nephew

 Sleep sweet Cullen... sleep

 Rockin him in his sweet, sweet nursery.... it's serene!  

 I can see why my sissy holds him all day long!  Dear God.... Thank you!  Thank you for this gift!

 Last morning he wore his "Auntie is the Best" onsie... he is so precious!!!!

I LOVE his expression.  He reminds me of my sister's baby pics.  

 Oldest and youngest grandchild
 treasure hunts at MeeMaws
 A quick pic by mommy's favorite childhood tree
 weeping willow is getting bigger!  7 years old
 the two babies
 girl cousins take care of the baby sweetly
 where did all these balls come from?  
 Things are getting crazy at MeeMaw's

 Somebody loves Uncle Davy
Ready for snuggles

 Backyard Bat & Mitten

 Well... it's obvious what little girls do with plastic balls...  Yikes!

 Move over everyone... Jensie has to slide down this way


 MeeMaw's Turn

 Pizza Night!  

 America!!!  We Love YOU!

 Hello darlin

 Got muscles?

 What a precious little family :)

 Look out!

 MeeMaw & her 5 Grandchildren


 My Tennessee Sweetheart

 What is it about SISTERS that make you melt? I LOVE MY SISSY!

 Movie at MeeMaw's
 You can't get any better than and Orange Man... I mean look at em.... Adorable!
 Bubbles at Nonna & Papa's.... I love all their faces!  so magical!

 baby birds in a shrub!

 WHO caught a BIG OL' FISH??

 Sittin on the doc of the lake.... don't care what time it is.... 

 Fishing is for everyone!

 Watch out for snakes girls!

 Big fat blackberries from papa's garden!

 Cousin Pile!


Nonna & Papa & their 7 grandchildren + 1 on the way :)

 Our journey home... we camped in our camper and stayed at a very country setting with animals and a pond :)

 They are troopers!

Doesn't he ever fish enough?

 Lily pads behind her!!!  So pretty!

 Ridin the rhino to the creek

This looks like a fun group to go canoeing?

 Our canoe trip

1st Orange Family Canoe Trip!  LOVE it!

 Noah feels large and in charge

 Blane is the best cousin!

 Like Father, Like Son.... I love them both!


 Let's take a selfie?  

 Baby turtle! 

 Guess what... we forgot to pack knives to spread the pb&j!!  No problem... sticks and stems are perfect!

 Palm trees on the riverbanks?  what?

 Love this!

 I love this picture!!!

Guess who took a little cat nap?  

 Good Mornin

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