Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dates, Boo Boos & New Years! :)

We will start ya off with some Mommy and Daddy dates with the kiddos... We decided since Nate has that "special time" with Noah doing the deer lease thing... we would try to make sure he got special time with Emmie as well and I got special time with Noah! Oh what fun! Our first "date" adventure was the movies... Emmie wanted to see "Tangled" and Noah wanted "Chronicles of Narnia"... They both were just awesome!!! So cool to have that one on one time with them! :) Then.... some pics of Noah's split wide open chin.... He was doing some dance moves on our hardwood floor and let's just say his feet came right out from under him and BAM! It was wide open! We immediately thought ER but ended up doing butterfly stitches at home and liquid new skin stuff.... healing good so far. Last but not least... some fun New Year's pics of friends and us! Fun Times!! Always fun to celebrate New Years at 10:30 p.m. with your kids b/c they have no idea! :) Had some fireworks... some confetti... some dancin and a great time! Until next time.... if you remember the song I have on here now... WOW! An oldie from the 80's I think... rock band... I remember it from when I was a kid...but somehow the words struck me so differently now that I am a mom... and have kids... Wow.. I feel old! :) Ha! About to go see Tangled
Sooo excited!


Got her popcorn kid pack

Nate said she stood up and danced at the end when it was going off

At the movies...

About to go on our date... Mama wore some camo... just to be cool? :) Ha

This is going to be fun!


Happy Us

This is the final product of our boo boo extravaganza

It was worse than this pic... wide open

Happy to let Dr. Daddy do the job.... (Dr. Mommy had to finish HAAAA!!!)

Nathan got sooo into it with his Head spot light... Hilarious!

New Year's Confetti in our kitchen floor... Camille is doing confetti angels :)

Gunner is happy



Now this will get a party started!

The Mamas! :)

Love the Blakes!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I love all of these of the kids! Tooooo cute!

Gunner ain't havin the hat

Happy Chicks

2011 Dancers

I love Olivia's hands on her face!

Gunner is now peekin over the hat

Some trampoline action to get the energy OUT! :)

Disco ball... check!

It's 2011 Dude!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

3...2...1...Doe DOWN!!!

Here is a little glimpse of Noah and Nathan's little hunting trip to the deer lease... Noah has been wanting for Nate to get a deer with him so he could see the whole process. This was over his break from school...and I think this is his FAVORITE thing in the whole world... better than anything else!!! Going to the deer lease!!!!!!!! :) How cool though for your Daddy to be your biggest role model...the one you want to be just like? Several have already said that he is just like Nathan was... :) Well, if that is the case... I know he is going to turn out super close to perfect... well.... on a good day! :) Ha! Hope everyone is staying warm is this frigid weather! Whew! Love and Deer Meat! Don't mess with this Hunter!!
This could be your result?

Draggin the doe

Proud little fellow

He just wanted to get a deer with his daddy... it finally happened :)

No.. Noah didn't shoot him... Nate did... but they were together and that is what he wanted :)

Noah took these :)

Being Silly


Nate has no idea how and when he was taking all these pictures of himself! Ha! "Were you watching him honey?" Ha!

Looks good in camo eh?

Awww and the ride home.... all hunted out! :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Black & White Memories

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope all is well in 2011 for you! We have just gotten back on a school... tired as mud... (just mama and daddy) Ha... and everyone is healthy and happy! It always feels like I am having the time of my life around here.... I feel so blessed! Mainly b/c of the people I get to spend each and every day with and I owe it all to them and our wonderul Lord and Savior!

Here are some photos of our family that my wonderful friend Shara took! Thank you doll!!! It took all of 30 minutes to capture some precious photos of my little loves and my main man & me. :) I love black and white photos! The running trail that I run on is right beside these tracks with trees separating the two. It is a beautiful place. Didn't know how it would turn out with 3 adventurous kiddos...but we managed to get some good ones. :) Mucho LOVE! :) Happy New Year! LOVE.... The Orange's
I am so in love with this man!


Has it really been almost 10 years of marriage and 17 years total together???

Look at the camera everyone.... ok... this could be hard???

Can always count on these two to smile! :)

Dear Children of mine.... oh how do I love thee


Emmie is perkin her lips.. I love this one

Little Miss Emmie Lou

Little girl

Prissy girl

My Noah

No... THIS is my Noah... :) Ha!

This can make a mama cry.... the seriousness sometimes is too much to handle.... ohhhh he looks so mature....

Love him!

OH what the future holds for you little man??

Sweet and innocent

But... all boy


Loves him some Dada

The Ladies

Daddy's little Princess


Always for Daddy

Little angel

Mama and her Boys!!

You have to click on this pic to see it larger so you can see Gunner's face... he is grinnin from ear to ear!!! PRECIOUS PIC! Who would have thought you could have gotten a pic of this....

Daddy and the boys....

Love, Love Love my Family!

Sunny Side Up!

Summer is SUNNY SIDE UP!!!! It’s been the kind of Summer this Mama loves! Sometimes we are one day at a time... one hour at a time. No plans...