Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Everybody Needs Something To CLING To"

Wow!  January....you got me!  You won! I am beaten... beaten down...beaten to the side... to the back... to the front...to the ground.  I have felt like that lately.  Just plain exhausted!  The sick finally got some of us... nothing too serious...but no sick is fun, right?  Noah has remained untouched but the other three were sick and mama is TIRED!  I slept 3 nights sitting up with Jensie trying to keep her from couching... in my bed while Nate slept on couch.... :(  No sleep is no fun!  But we have pulled through the sick... I hope.  Ready for back to normal?  
But normal is still... a 3 year old... fits and some regressing since our travels over the holidays... a baby.... that wants me to hold her all the time and if I don't... pinches my legs and other forms of Mama Torture, but is so darn precious you can't throw her!!!! LOL! .... a 5 year old daughter that is coming into her own and speaking her sweet little mind...keeping us laughing because "she just wants some peace! She wants her juice and granola bar and a show that she can hear without a baby crying!" ... and then there's the 8 year old... who recently told me "he just wants a day where we don't have to do anything, no cleaning up messes, no laundry, just do something FUN!"  Doesn't he know his whole life is a bucket of FUN!... Let's not forget about the wonderful hubby?  Doesn't travel much anymore but works hard and when he does travel ... Mama really has to prepare herself!  Gear up!  Gear Down? Just survive!  
So with my baby clinging to my leg, my entire body... and my 3 year old clinging whatever is available.... What can I cling to?????????????????

Well... Mama says..."Just have you a cup of coffee and cut you a piece of that pumpkin roll I made you that's in your freezer and you'll feel better!"  God sure gave me a good Mama!  I cling to her from a distance! :(  I cling to the speeding treadmill under my feet..it's powerful and rewarding!  I cling to that cup of coffee... it's not a "coffee high" as I have once heard... quite the opposite these days....It is warm and soothing and just a necessity in this mother's life!  :)  I cling to my strong husband... that when even tired himself radiates an energy to me... a happiness that needs nothing more than being together.  I cling to the "mom's night out" with dear friends!  I cling to the children I have been blessed with and even though they have caused me great work lately... I breathe for them! I cling to the Joyce Meyer book I'm reading for a bible study with Godly women that were all put in my life by God!!!!  I cling to fun family nights making memories and make me forget how tired I am because I feel like a teenager!!!  :)  I cling to the incredible singing at our worship service...that can speak to me in its own, tear me up and fill my cup!  I cling to favorite scriptures that give me strength when I feel like crying... I mean... EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK!!!!!  :)  God has this!  He has me!  He has my children!  He has my family!   So until next time... I'm Still in Clinging Mode!!!!!  

in the deer blind at the lease...thumbs up means "something's DOWN"

A big nasty pig.... there are way too many of  them on the lease... noah's 1st one!

Baby pigs 
Look at those snouts
"Mama, can I please bring em home?"
He could live out here for sure!
Lil Miss Flower Child
Crawling to me when I came in the room... sleepy girl
At the doctor for a strep test.... Negative! :)
"I'm just here for support... and to get a coin for that machine!"
Planny Me?  Where did she go?  I spontaneously let Emmie get her ears pierced!!!!!!!!  She has been begging for a while and knew it would hurt, but was ready.  I planned in my mind a dreamier day for just me and her but sometimes ya just give in?  Little gal didn't feel good... throat hurt and she was so, so, so happy and now I have to just cling to that!  :)
Being tough... holding her breath!  Ha!
Sometimes princesses have to endure pain for sparkles :)
Yes, she chose diamonds!  Out of all the colors of birthstones... she wanted diamond ones.  She even wanted the BIGGEST ones on the board!  I had to talk her down from the 5mm ones to the 3 mm ones for her little ear lobe's sake!  LOL!!!!!
Got home and painted herself... with EARRINGS!!!  :)
Just some beautiful things... my favorite is that she painted a cross "for Jesus".... it's brown next to the ice cream cone... love her so much!

Little Artist Jr.

Loves to help mama with the dishes... especially the breakables and knives!!!  

Big Boy
Ready for baseball to start
LOVES outside!!!!

For my friend Andrea.... Let's call these... Tracksuits!!!!  Puma style
Hunter at heart
Always check on your babies before going to bed.... they may need some adjustments and their picture taken :)
Reading to brother before his nap... Three Little Pigs
Gunner's 1st trip to the dentist!!!  He did so good!!!!

Riding fast!
This go cart is so so fun!!!!!  Mama can even ride it!!!  :)

Binoculars he got at the dentist... cutie pie
Such a gorgeous day for scooter gals

Always make up your bed with a baby in the middle and you'll need to take another picture :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ring A Ling Ling....It's 2013!

Well... It's a New Year.... you should always start off with at least one old habit right?  For Me?  Behind on my blogging?  Ha!  Well...not too bad? Here is our New Year pics Tennessee Style and Tennessee Christmas too!  Such good times!  New memories!  Even got to meet a new nephew!  :)
Happy 2013 to Ya'll!!!!  :)
 I am ALL about the fresh and new and starting a New Year... New Goals... New outlook.... But sometimes it is sooo hard to let go of the OLD... old memories... old stuff... etc.  etc... But sometimes...It's for the BEST!  You come out Stronger...Happier... Less Cluttered...More Organized ...More Free...More Open for something or someone new....More Content..More at Peace...Closer to God...  OR.... maybe you try to pick too many things to improve on and you fail again...another year wishing you could be more this or less that... So why not pick one thing?  Just one!  Make it TOP Priority!  It is a part of your everyday who you are.... like brushing your teeth or going to the bathroom.... Be Driven!  Be passionate about what you want!  Pray for God to help you every single day and know.... everyday is a new!!!!!  You can start fresh!  :)  You can be a better mom or dad...better friend...better worker...better eater...better exerciser...better servant to our Lord... better giver to the needy and sick...better husband or wife...better person!  Have patience with yourself!  God has patience for us all and wants to help us!  That is the best part!  :)  Happy New Year to All of you!  

 Whooo Hoooo!  Let's ring it in!
 Nothing like smokin some chicken

 The countdown
 Amy and Davy....The lucky ones to bring in the New Year with Us!  :) LOL
 Dollin up Miss Pretty with her new makeup mirror...
 Gunner loves his ambulance
Hannah and Keith

 I mean is he ready or what??????  cracks me up!
 Somebody is sure happy to see a new baby?  

 Ribbon candy my sis brought... I have never seen this!  Too adorable!
 This is so unlike my mama?  Too funny! 
 They didn't plan their outfits!!!!  Ha!!!!  
 My 8 year old with his Tennessee Camo Hat... you should have seen us at the Travel Center in a Tennessee gas station... we hit the jackpot with "Tennesee Goods".... My family took up the whole isle!  It was like Christmas!  LOL!  We stayed there forever and finally had to put our travel pants back on and get back on the road!  These hats that were 2 for $14 would just have to wait!  LOL
 Classic!  Tennessee noogie.... throwback pepsi logo.... love it
 Animals?  We'll love em... anything
 About to go for a walk in the woods... cute little pose from Davy and Amy and my two goober boys
 Got to do the heel clicks.... 
 oh happy day
 happy to be bundled up in the snow... cabin fever anyone??????  
 My little angel
 movie time
 Her favorite thing about Tennesee.... the stray cat from the next door neighbors.... BAHAHA!
 should have zoomed in on this... love this pic... he looks so tough!
 my fun and happy hubby
 my gorgeous mama
 "no I'm not posin....I'm just cute like that"
 sweet kids
 Who did you kiss at midnight?????  I kissed a deer in some headlights?  
 Cheers!  Happy 2013... from the Hendrickson Gals
 Love me some Sissy Time
 Happy Mama
 Too much fun!  
 I think I will give him another year eh?  Love this man!
 Party time!  Love these Gals!
 Emmie holding her new baby cousin... Ethan Joseph Orange
 Uncle Tai
 Gunner with Ethan... while he was holding him.. he said, "I gon eat him up!!!"  LOL  Funny kid
 Uncle Tai giving Noah REAL dog tags... with his name on them!  thanks Army and Uncle Tai :)
 Rapunzel hair!  Too fun!
 New parents!  Aunt Joanna and Uncle Tai
 Papa telling Jensie secrets 
 These two!  Noah is like..."Can't we play some paint ball already?"
 Noah getting him some Ethan love
 Nothing like pics on Overs porch.... Plus how do you resist a pic of a little tot's green sparkle cordorory bootie with heart pockets on them????  Ha!!!
This porch has always been so special to me... I just love it!  Many  times swinging with Nate during the dating years.... had my bridal brunch on this porch... such sweet memories...
 Happy for fresh air
 Loves to rock
 She always spots the flowers
 Overs' swing
 Sweet baby child
 Little Emmie Lou out there helping the guys roll some hay up for Papa... good times
 Overs holding Ethan.... her 7th great grandchild
 This was taped to Nonna and Papa's door for when Blane and Kellen got there.... Ha!  
 Noah and Kellen playing some football
 Kellen ticklin Jensie's feet :)
Where there is an animal.... you will find my children

 The Orange Cousins

 Love this one of Jensie slouchin

 I feel so old!  Tai has a baby!  He was just a little squirt when I started dating Nathan!  Now he is a Daddy!  :)

 Love this pic... The background of the fence my daddy built...the wooded Tennesee trees...but mainly of my mama.... she looks so beautiful...yet so strong and tough... I love you Mama!  And your new hat! :)

 Pretty excited to get a Paintball gun

Just cooked up some deer steaks...wrapped in bacon... on the grill... good 'ol country boys... Nate getting a laugh for diggin out an old CCHS Football hat... Ha Ha!  It's another Throwback!  Whooo Hooo!  Tennessee!!!!  See ya next time!!!!

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