Saturday, January 13, 2018

"It's Christmas Time..... Let's Stay Home"

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year was truly the most wonderful time.  I can't believe we ended another year, enjoyed the holidays & now looking into a new year!  It's always such an exciting month!  WE love the holidays and all that comes with them!  I love looking back at all the photos of so many smiles, twinkling lights, snuggling with kiddos, friends making up memories that we will always have!  Our kids are getting so big & the older they get, the older Santa gets which leads to more soaking up of every moment of the month.  Sometimes with all that can be going on or things that need to get done, soaking up the moments can be hard.  For me, I think the busy gene has been removed from my body at least for December.  I just can't do it anymore.  There are SO many things to do around this time of year.  AS fun as they all seem, I just can't do them all.  I can't go to every event or party or do every Pinterest activity.  It just makes December feel too tired &  dreadful. As good and yummy as all the holiday food looks, you just can't fit it all on your plate or you will have a terrible tummy ache.  Picking & Choosing our most favorite things & if there happens to be more room, you can always add something.  So is the same with holiday hustle &  bustle.  You just can't fit it all on your plate or you end up feeling exhausted & unable to enjoy each day of the month. This year, I tried so hard to not get too overwhelmed and pile my plate too full.  I tried to just move slowly through the month & remember what truly mattered....we already had.  So if something didn't happen, it was ok.  It truly was ok, cause it felt like a sweet, sweet month & a great Christmas.  Lots of fires and family time.  Just how I like it. There's No Place Like Home & that is why we say...
Let's Stay Home
As we begin our new year, that thought will come along with me.  

 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!  Everywhere you go......
 Under the mistletoetoe.... come on let's get in the spirit
 "Can you just take the picture Noah????

Trying to take a good pic of just us...but we can't stop laughing

Annddddd....... This Is Us
Merry Christmas 2017 
Love the Orange Family
This year we decided to include the rest of our "farm" on our Christmas card

She is happy about her surprise decorating Mama did while she was gone.
These are the little things that make it all worth it... 

 decorating for Santa.... 
 Christmas Eve Service... My FAVORITE!

 Late night wrapping for me and Santa

 Yummy Christmas biscuits made by Daddy

 Do you hear what I hear???? 

A guitar πŸŽΈ electric drums πŸ₯
3 microphones πŸŽ€ πŸŽ€πŸŽ€
How about a karaoke machine.... 
to make things louder for everyone? 
We may have sang “Silent Night” at church last night, but today.... 
Hark the Harold Angels Sing...

πŸ‘ΌπŸ»πŸ‘ΌπŸ»πŸ‘ΌπŸ»πŸ‘ΌπŸ» Glory to the Newborn King! Happy Birthday to Jesus! Merry Christmas Friends! 

 coloring by the fire is always cozy

Why did I think this would be fun?

 Christmas Dinner with the family

Merry Christmas to Us

 See ya next year...... Love, Sonny

 A few more December pics
 Just a December night feeling the warmth of an Italian cuisine and children singing

 these two have sure grown up so much

 snowman wine glasses keep you warm when it's cold outside

 just a December throwback of Noah... Oh Me, Oh My

 We did a LOT of this in December

 Sweet little best friends singing to the people of the nursing homes around town

the kids were sooo sweet going around and talking with these people, telling them Merry Christmas &  how glad they were they got to come sing

 I had such joy watching their faces....

 Precious voices making December look even brighter for so many special souls

 Happy Hot Cocoa Face

 Just excited to get festive & go be with friends

 I just don't know what to do with her

Love these ladies! Life is always more fun when the impromptu get togethers happen
Happy December!
                     Emmie at her 4H Christmas party with their white elephant exchange gifts

Jensie at a playdate
there can never be too many sprinkles

Saturday, December 23, 2017

"F-O-R-T-Y= Family, Friends, Fun, Surprises & A Soft Baby Blue Robe"

Here we are!  It finally came.  The big ol' birthday that all through time has been named  "the big one, over the hill, Lordy, Lordy... I am 40!"  The number doesn't bother me one bit.  I don't know how I am suppose to feel.  I wouldn't say I feel 20... but I would say I have amazing days & feel awesome & I have achy tired days that I feel 80.  Either way... I feel BLESSED.  I am still here with my precious family and feeling special and loved on another birthday.  
The 40th is always one for a big gift, a big trip, a big party????  Why though?  As I have been climbing up the hill to get to 40... smaller, simpler, less, more meaningful.... has helped me get up the hill.  My lovely birthday falls 5 days before Christmas. My Mama brought me home in a stocking from the hospital that they made for me.  It's always been a birthday of "Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas".... people always apologizing because it's combined.  It has always seemed that having a birthday soooo close to Christmas was not a good thing.  But, for me... It's the best!!!!  I love December!  I love Christmas!  It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!  Growing up... birthday parties weren't a thing.  Little Susie & Little Johnny didn't have big parties and everyone go home with treat bags.  It just didn't happen.  I had a big surprise party when I was 11. I will NEVER forget it.  I had another surprise birthday when I turned 30.  All so fun and special.  Over the years I have
had lots of birthday love and gifts & dinners & special memories.  For some reason, this year... I just couldn't let the Big Party happen. I tried in my brain to figure out how to pull off a big party with all those I loved... Nate wanted to take me to NYC.... friends trying to figure out a time for a celebration..... It's just a hard month for these things.
I just couldn't do any of it.
I got so anxious about it that I broke down and cried to my husband PLEASE don't let a party happen.  It's not what I want.  He agreed and I enjoyed my December.  

Lots of fun surprises on my doorstep leading up to the big day... so fun!  
The day finally came and I was suppose to be at my Kim's house at 9:30... she knew I was going to all my kiddo's school parties.  So I assumed we were going to make time for that cup of coffee and just talk as we always can't do enough of!  LOL!  She knows my heart and knows I didn't want a big 40th.  She totally understood and agreed with my thoughts.
So my birthday morning, I get ready and drive over.... As I turn down her street I see it is lined with cars on both sides and my eyes just fill with tears.  She did it.  They did it.  It's happening. Pull it together!  No one wants their mascara running on their 40th birthday.  
I have no idea who is there.  I just knew there was SPECIAL inside that door.  
Walking in to all of their beautiful faces and hearing their voices say "Happy Birthday"... well that was just the BEST.  The fact that these ladies are in my community... we all got parties to go to... things to do... and they took time to come over and celebrate ME?????  I feel so humbled.  
Just very surprised and thankful for all of them.  Even though we didn't get a picture with everyone there... all of their faces are in my mind as I hugged their neck.  I would even go as far as to say... I don't like parties cause I wouldn't want to leave anyone out.  There are a few people that weren't on the invite. But when you don't plan your own celebration, you don't get a say.  But that's exactly what I didn't want... was a say! LOL!  I didn't want to inconvenience people during a busy time and ask that of them.  So that's just the way it goes... It happened anyways and it was the best little morning a gal like me could have. Simple, sweet & special.  
   So thankful for special friends and don't know how people pull off surprises.  
Thankful is this 40 year old.

It was a full day and after celebrating with my family... I was Pooped!!!!  
My favorite gift was a Baby blue robe that was the softest on the planet.... we also had a blast with my new cell phone mini tripod that comes with a remote so I can take family and friend photos without setting the timer and setting it up on a ladder or table!  LOL!!!  LOVE it!
More celebrating with friends with some hibachi & a bus!  
This time of year is fun no matter if you have a birthday or not!  But getting older sure seems good when you do it like this!  
Lordy, Lordy I Am 40!

 I know one thing... for 40 years... I have been loved.  I have felt special & thankful to be me.
Here are some baby pics.... fun to look back on.


"It's Christmas Time..... Let's Stay Home"

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year was truly the most wonderful time.  I can't believe we ended another year, enjoyed the holidays &am...