Friday, November 17, 2017

I Love My Teenager & My Tot... I Really, Really Do!

 I can't believe it... I have a TEENAGER!!!  How can my little baby Moses all swaddled in a blanket looking up at me with the most ginormous eyes and making me cry of happiness.... HOW can he be 13???  He has always been our funny and crazy little Nathan Jr.... he drives us nuts sometimes but keeps life full.  He is my guinea pig and I am trying so hard not to mess up since he goes through everything first.  We have our moments.. but I think he still loves me. Or at least the food I cook for him? Ha!  Is that why I get up early? To make him his favorite things for breakfast and lunch?  I try. As kids get older and want to be more independent... sometimes it's hard to show them love.  You wonder if they still know.  You can't kiss and cuddle them all the time like you use to.  Sometimes you are just thankful for that tired hug you get cause they just need to collapse on you.  Sometimes it's the thank yous they give you when you make them something they love to eat or take them to a pond to fish. It's these things that you think maybe they know I really do love them.  Even though I make them take showers and go to bed early and not have all the freedom they beg for with activities and technology.  I love you my big teenager... I really, really do.

My baby turned 6!  I can remember it like yesterday when she was born.  The most perfect little pea pod.  Wow has she grown into a personality that makes us laugh and love her even more.  She is spunky and sweet.  She is smarter than she should be & likes to be the boss.  She still has a young heart and wants to stay little forever because she wants to stay with us forever.... oh  baby... mama melting.  I know this will change and since she is my baby... I cling.  I cling to all her sweet innocence.  I love every moment I get to celebrate these kids.  Every moment I get to have with them alone.  They are each in their own so different and special.  I am trying to take it all in slow but life moves so fast.  I have to say NO to a lot because if I didn't I would miss out on sooo much with these little souls.  Life seems to want to keep us so busy and overloaded with stuff that it takes us away from what matters the most. 

November is always a special month... 2 birthdays and Thanksgiving.  The weather changing and fun festivities and traditions to be had.  Emmie had her little 4H Food Challenge again this year and also Jensie had a little surgery for a mole removal on her head and her earlobe repaired from being split from her earring getting hung on something.  Something about a little tot in a hospital gown and going under for surgery that just fills my eyes with tears.  Yes I will snuggle with you.  As much as you want.  I love you my little tot! I really, really do.


Halloween Is Always Hilarious

Love the season we are in... the weather trying to cool off... but just can't make up its mind!  Took Noah to his first haunted house with friends.  That was fun.  I screamed a lot.  LOL....
Halloween is always a blast.  We get into the dressing up as much as the kids do.  Me & my friends have been giggling for a year about dressing up as SNL's Mom Jeans Moms.... It was so fun!  My kids about fell in the floor when they saw me!  LOL!  They all kept coming up and pushing on my belly... and Nate said.. WHOA... ya'll are surely gonna make us feel thankful!  I asked the kids if they would be embarrassed if I started dressing like this.  Their eyes got big and I think they didn't know what to say.  They begged me to tell them what I was gonna be but I wouldn't give it away.  I love keeping it a secret. 

More pictures of Jensie's fieldtrip to a petting farm and some crazy hair for Red Ribbon Week at school.  October flew by!  The holidays are coming quick!!!!

I Love My Teenager & My Tot... I Really, Really Do!

 I can't believe it... I have a TEENAGER!!!  How can my little baby Moses all swaddled in a blanket looking up at me with the most ginor...