Monday, January 7, 2019

There Is Always Love In Tennessee

Tennessee & Thanksgiving means Family & Love. It is usually waiting for us on the porch as soon as we pull up. The kids always get out and run on in like they have been there a 1000 times and feel like it's home. I love that! I love how much they love Tennessee. Me & Nate have always said, "To our kids, Tennessee is like Disney World"!!! It's true except you don't have to wait in too long of a line to swing on the grapevine. The sweet tea & lemonade are always refilled at no charge & there are always free samples of hugs! The park hours usually go until 1-2am. It's definitely like you are in another world & you forget about normal life & just enjoy all the wonderful people. There is always a soft place to lay our heads & we just always leave feeling like we have been some place real special! That’s why we keep going back... cause there is always love in Tennessee!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Take A Break & Cherish The Memories We Make

Life can get so busy & repetitive. It is so very important to take a break & make some memories! Going to see the sweetest friends in the country always fills our souls with happy times! From the furry animal faces to the kids playing with ropes & taking dips in a horse the late nights on the porch laughing with "joy"..... & let's not forget the kids going to their first little concert... Family style in a country arena standing up close in the dirt where Texas boy Parker Mccollum leans down & gives our tween girls guitar pics. They will never forget it! One picture is years ago of me & Kim getting a picture with the young singer. Now seeing him again with our families in their new small town they recently moved to. Always a great time & love these people to pieces!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

A Gift From Heaven

This was a Facebook post I made back in October but wanted to make sure I included this on my blog.

Just when you thought you would never hear your Daddy’s voice again after him being gone over 11 years.... You receive a cd in the mail from your Sissy who found an old church tape at Mama’s & had it converted. What a full blown surprise!❤️🙏🏻❤️ In 1991 my Daddy preached a sermon once at our little church we grew up going to. I have no words... so many tears & emotions right now. 😭 I can’t stop listening to him. His sweet & so country voice... the things he had on his mind, him clearing his throat & even tapping the pulpit when he felt emotional about something....the verses & topic he chose, just pure & simple truths from the genuine heart of my Daddy preachin them. ❤️ He was a real man, strong but imperfect, hardworking but failing, a believer but a sinner. Thank you God for saving my Daddy & bringing him to Heaven with you. I know it’s not an accident we get to hear this almost 30 years after he preached it. I didn’t even remember that he did? We were young, my sis was sick so my mom had to stay home & didn’t get to hear it. That’s why they recorded it, for my Mama. ❤️ So many tissues balled up on church pews  & prayers at the alter for my Daddy to get back in church. He even mentions it in his sermon that about 8 months prior he had rededicated his life to God. Mercy sakes how we could have never imagined getting to hear this special sermon that was recorded so long ago & how much it would shred our emotions. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
It’s never too late to give your life to God, to trust in Him, to accept that this world is only temporary & our eternal life needs to be with Jesus! I’m so proud of my Daddy. He didn’t know the Bible from front to back but he let the Holy Spirit guide him into the verses he needed to share that day. #itsnevertoolate 🙏🏻#tissosweettotrustinjesus 
#giftfromheaven ❤️

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Birthday Bundle For Two

My oldest & my youngest both take the cake for November!  Noah turned 14!!!  How can my little pea pod be 14???? He is growing up before our eyes & I can barely stand to see hairy man legs on my baby!!!  I wish I could slow the clock... but since I know I can't... I am just gonna have to soak him up!  He is a pretty cool teenager & he makes me laugh & drives me crazy!  But I love to hang out with him most of the time... Ha!  When I have had too much big kid... I squeeze my baby girl who turned 7!  I told her she isn't allowed to get any bigger.  She is just perfect.  Still small enough to snuggle real good & carry down the stairs in the mornings for school.... good gravy I know I am crazy!  I told my knee it was just gonna have to get over itself b/c I need to carry my baby down.  Most of the time it cooperates.  November is full of family & friends & thankfulness all around!  

Here are a few pics... and yes I put every one of Noah at the table b/c I just love seeing him smile!

There Is Always Love In Tennessee

Tennessee & Thanksgiving means Family & Love. It is usually waiting for us on the porch as soon as we pull up. The kids always get o...