Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Being A Mama Is Like....

Being a Mama is like... a never ending fulfilling gift that is wrapped in duct tape.  Our children are such gifts... family is such a gift.  Being a mother is such a gift.  But sometimes it can certainly feel hard to get that gift opened so you can enjoy it.  We know there is such goodness inside that beautifully wrapped gift... and we want to get it open sooo bad, but the duct tape is just difficult.  Kids are like adorable little gifts and you just want to enjoy them all the time but let's face it, that's hard.  Sometimes there is just too much duct tape.  But I think that is what is so fascinating at the same time. God didn't just give us these beautiful gift sacks that you pull the tissue paper out and Waa Laaa... there is the gift!!!!  He instead wrapped them up very carefully so that we would have to take our time with opening them, parenting them, raising them.  

I remember when the kids were babies I would always think... "Oh I love this stage!  This is my new favorite stage!  The kids are so fun at this age."  But really under every layer of duct tape, I continue to get excited about what is coming next.  It's just I have to be so patient and enjoy each layer of the gift.  Sometimes we might even want to move on and rip off the tape real quick and get to a better stage.  Ha!  Certain phases with children can be hard, whether they are babies, toddlers or teens.  I mean we might even want to use the duct tape for their mouths???  Ha! JUST Kidding!  Well..sort of?

It was so great to have my mother visit in April.  I put a picture of us on here because I just love her.  I love her for unwrapping me slowly.  Raising me right.  I love her for listening to me as I talk about my sticky duct tape I am unwrapping with this kid or that kid of mine.  As mothers... we just need other mothers!  We need support and encouragement! We need to know we are not alone.  We are all covered up in duct tape.  We have to talk to one another about how to get out of one sticky situation and get back to the sweet spot of motherhood.  It's never ending!  I am so thankful God gave us help!  I have had a lot of help since my knee surgery and it's been the biggest blessing!  
Recovering from this surgery has been SUCH A PROCESS! But as usual... my brain starts to thinking... and it's helped me see how important it is to take our time and not rush the process.  Rehabbing my knee is like raising my kids... I gotta take my time and build it/them back strong.  
Taking the time to unwrap them slowly and enjoy them.  

My Mama!  

Mother's Day 2017

Jensie's preschool gift... her thumbprints in a heart necklace... one of my most favorite gifts ever!

Relaxing in the pool is perfect for Mother's Day

This is how I woke up one morning... cracks me up!

Your baby comes and gets in bed during the night anytime she wants.  I even tell her to come.  Let her stay little please.

Another doorbell surprise from my sweet friend!  All this chocolate covered love has helped the knee recovery!

Are ya'll happy Mama got knee surgery?  Yes.. cause people bring you ice cream cookie treats!  Oh my!
Popcorn in Mama's bed... that's not supposed to be allowed?
Doing my therapy outside.  Feeling good.

Sonny is always right beside me when I do it too!

Do friends really drive 30 minutes to bring you yummy food?  
They do!  My heart is swollen with love for all of these wonderful people!

More flowers too??? I'm certainly smiling!!!

Gotta set up her dolls and the front door seems to be prime location?

We are celebrating!  MOM CAN DRIVE AGAIN!

When you are at a baby shower and your daughter gets your phone.  I had no idea.  But the one eyed blue eye shadow plus the facial expressions forced me not to delete them!

My precious Keighly I taught in 1st grade!  Could she really be graduated from college, married and having a baby girl????  Pinch me!  Time is flying!  
I am mushy with love that I got to be a part of this precious day!  I am so proud of Keighly and can't wait to meet her baby girl!

I love lazy Sundays.  I love noon service at church.  Sometimes you just need to cook breakfast with your babe.

The Pancake Mama must sit though

The pancake princess loves syrup

Isn't there something about little boys and fishin?  How cute they are when they hold out that fish all proud looking?  I love this!

they make me laugh

loungin with mama

Daddy is fishing with the boys while the girls are snuggling watching "My Girl"

Proud of my big boy!  Getting the jobs for WORK!
Mowing, yard work makes me proud

Taking in the moments

She will find a way... 

I hope my kids don't get mad at me one day.  I love pictures of their little legs and yes... their hineys!  Her outfits crack us up!

Ending on My Family
I love them.
Thankful at Mother's Day for our Mama!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"Construction Ahead...Expect Delays...Mama's Under Construction"

What are your feelings when you see that word, those signs, those cones?
We live in a time where we are ready to get to where we are going and get there now. We don't have time or patience for delays.  So what if this construction that's gonna take years to complete is gonna make things better, we need convenience now.  The waiting, the unknown, the disaray of things, can literally stress us out. 
A little over 13 years ago, I went snow skiing for the first time and I think it was my 3rd time down the mountain that I crashed and burned and tore my ACL. I didn't get it repaired because I was pregnant after going to the doc & him telling me I didn't really need it to run.  So 4 kids later... I am still running and also taking classes at my gym.  I have fallen a few times over the years from the instability of my knee and it would literally buckle and I would go to the floor.  Not fun. But it would always be ok after a couple weeks and I would get right back to it.  Over the last 6 months or so, I have had more issues to the point of swelling and pain and unable to run and work out like I always had.  The MRI revealed the torn ACL and Meniscus torn on both sides. Yikes! There were no "ifs, ands, or buts"... surgery was in my future.  
I decided before the kids were out for summer... I would knock it out.  Or better to be put as, It would knock Me Out!  I guess I didn't realize the extreme pain that would come to live with me...but I have come to know it well.  
It's been challenging.  I have had to keep my focus on the love that has been poured on my family.  The Lord has sent many. Cards &  flowers &  treats &  texts &  visits that literally MADE MY DAYS!!!!  I began to love visitors.  It was hard for me to say yes to meals at first... I even kindly declined a couple.  But once they started and I was incapable of doing anything around here... I said "yes, yes, yes".   I am so thankful I said yes. My children have experienced it with me and "Wowed" and asked "Why? Why all this food?" It's been awesome for them to see people helping us, showing us love, the Lord providing for us.  I would get nightly entertainment watching my cute husband's face peek into the bag and be giddy telling the kids what it was.  Thank you Lord for these gifts.
The days have been long.  I have had many moments of pain, discouragement, tears. But I just have to keep pulling it back together, lean on the Lord & dear ones &  we will get through it.  It could be much worse I absolutely know this.
I looked for positive quotes about being "under construction" and absolutely loved what I found!  It put a whole new perspective on this... Even though this Mama is Under Construction and I can expect some delays.... He's working on me in all ways.  He is reminding me to persevere, to know joy is around the corner, to count these trialing times as pure joy, trusting Him to rebuild me and for what's to come. The funniest thing of all I have realized is that.... 
I Will Always Be Under Construction
 The Lord will "always" be working on me.  So it's ok to wait, to be patient, to expect delays.  The new road he paves is always better.  If you are going through some unexpected delays or construction days... The Master Builder Has Us & will finish his masterpieces in his timing.

Let's Do this!

Home and time to start my compression on my calves to prevent blood clots & my doggie to keep me calm

1st day of therapy.... I cried getting on the table... the pain was NOT under control 

The incisions and the swollen knee.... time to heal

I look white as a ghost and yes I have a walker... but something about the first meal that was brought being country cookin & so much food, so much love

Car rides to doctor and therapy were tough.... They hurt, they were uncomfortable... but thank the Lord they are better.

Always snuggle buddies for Mama

When you are having a tough Saturday morning and literally were crying 5 minutes before a friend drops by unexpectedly and comes out on my patio to give me unwrapped tootsie rolls cause she knows I love tootsie rolls and they made her think of me.  I literally start balling when I see her because there is something comforting about crying on someone's shoulder.

My eyes are red... cause the crying happened but as soon as my friend left... my kids walk outside with flowers from my sweet sissy & mama.... God is so amazing how he literally wipes our tears away with friends and flowers and family.

More of my favorite candy treats and beautiful flowers... cheer... cheer...cheer.. this gal.

There have been moments I have certainly felt like there is a lot of chaos because of me... this surgery... me being unable to be me.

Knee Comparison... Swelling has went down a little

She has made me laugh and I have enjoyed her expressions and talks

Enjoying more food from friends... Feeling so blessed. 
Night after night of food for our bellies and Mama's soul

Everywhere we go... she's right by my Jensie Jewel

I had been to therapy and came home to this! YUMMY!  My mother & father in law sending sweet love

I don't know if you can read this but my friend sent me this and it literally hit right at home for me.  I am sure looking for that joy around the corner.  

This card

How I sleep... went from calf compression to foot cuffs... all to prevent blood clots.  I am suppose to wear them for 30 days while I sleep.  The squeeze me and it's annoying.  

My Uber Driver
My Nurse
My Waiter
My put the kids to bed Daddy
My get the kids up and ready and to school Daddy
My love
The one that I know if he is with me... It will be ok. 
It hasn't been all roses. It's had it's thorny moments. But no matter what...
He won't quit on me. 
We got this.

My other little helpers that have been so sweet and gracious to my pain and needs.
It's hard being their mother and them all standing around your bed to give goodbye kisses before school and they just watch as Daddy helps me into bed and I am literally crying like a baby with pain. I felt so bad for them to see me but I couldn't help it. 

My 3rd good day.... lets pull Mama to the park in our neighborhood... 
Noah pulled me home and all the littles walked behind me.  It was a moment for me.... taking it in that my children are taking care of me.
Everything is gonna be alright.
I am currently under construction and forever I will be.

Sunny Side Up!

Summer is SUNNY SIDE UP!!!! It’s been the kind of Summer this Mama loves! Sometimes we are one day at a time... one hour at a time. No plans...