Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Just When You Think Christmas Is Over....A HUGE Package Shows Up On Your Front Doorstep!

So the kids have opened all the gifts... played all day... lovely Christmas...just us at home.  We usually travel sometime before or after to Tennessee to see family but his year we got to see our parents b/c they came after Jensie was born in November.  This year was nice... no packing driving for 2 hotels.  But...there were moments of really missing that "Tennessee Christmas" time with family.  So, this morning was pretty calm.  Noah was up playing his new Wii.  I got Jensie asleep so I could go keep Gunner from messing up Emmie's new barbie house.  Played with him in the playroom until Jensie woke up.  Then went back downstairs to watch Noah play the Wii while I fed Jensie.  I felt like my head was spinning. This is my new life... "Mama, watch me, watch me"  My eyes have learned how to look at two opposite places at once, while feeding a baby and pouring juice in a cup for the toddler.  WHEW WEE!  I just bounce from room to room with these kiddos.  I was just digesting all this when the doorbell rang.  I get up and can see a HUGE package in front of my doorstep with a HUGE bow and card  on it.  I recognized the wrapping paper (b/c the lid of the rubbermaid tote was wrapped) and look to my husband with the uncertain eyes...and the voice of "WHAT DID YOU DO?"  He proceeds to be overly excited with the camera running to the door with the children and myself included... He looks at me with the happiest face and says, "Don't ruin it for em...its a DOG!"  WHAT???!!!! My uncertainty turns to anger but I can't explode b/c my husband is so adorable and excited and the kids are there and WHAT??????  A Dog?  We just talked about this and how exciting that day will a year or two... when we don't have a NEWBORN!  So I proceed to open the front door and Nathan jumps out in front to video and take pics of the kids opening the GINORMOUS package!  I see a Santa hat and start helping move the tissue paper and LO and BEHOLD.... OUT POPS MY MAMA'S beautiful face and she has a Santa hat and jingle bells on her wrists and furry red sweater and she is shouting "Merry Christmas!"  Yeah I know.... SCREAM!  CRY!  SCREAM!  QUESTIONS!  WHAT?  I am so in SHOCK!  I didn't know she had any days left to take off work...because she stayed over a week when Jensie was born!  I didn't know how she did this.... needless to say.... after Hours of being in shock... I can tell the world about the best surprise ever!  MY MAMA CAME TO SEE US AGAIN FOR CHRISTMAS!!!  She brought Tennessee to us!  Included in her kitten caboodle would be Turnip Greens from my grandma Brown, coon skin hats for the boys (Davy Crockett style), Tennessee Vols cheerleader Barbie for Emmie and Best of All... MY MAMA is here all week!  So my Christmas celebration is still going on!  :)  Here is a pic of our suprise!  We got it on video and everytime I watch it.. .it makes me feel the shock all over again and the happy tears!

This would be after she popped up!  We are all still in jammies...bed head... whole nine yards!  I will never forget this moment!  Best surprise ever!

These are my Christmas pics and Emmie's dance recital and just December fun!  :)  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and let's get ready for New Year's heh?  :)  December has flown and we have been crazy with a new baby and the holidays.  But.... I am almost done packing it all away and I feel like a BIG, HUGE, DEEP breath is in order for this mama!  :)  Whew!  Feeling so blessed and so grateful for this wonderful family and all that comes with each and every one of them!  Lots of Love from the Orange Family!  P.S. Don't forget to eat some black eyed peas on New Year's!  :) 
Family Photos!

 Merry Christmas!  Love the Orange Family!
Love. Them. To. Pieces!
 Who's hiding under the Christmas tree?
 LOL....look at Gunner! We are all wearing our Christmas aprons... even the boys! 
 who wants this ball of cookie dough?
 Santa and Rudolph
 cutie pies
 Serious about his cooking
 Merry Christmas!  A smile from Jensie :)
 Love this one
 Cozy by the fire
 Cookies for Santa
 Decorating for Santa
 I have all I want for Christmas..... Here they are!  :)
 Twas the night before Christmas recorded by Nonna and Papa in this Hallmark book...coolest thing ever!  Their voices read the story!  LOVE IT
 Sprinkling the reindeer food....
 He wanted a digger so bad... Nonna and Papa got major points for this one!  He wanted to ride it before it was even out of the box!  Ha!
 Ready for some Wii action

 I'm a Barbie Girl
 Got tools?
 If I heard the "Little Miss Muffin" song once I heard it 1000 times on tv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Her and her new doll...
 Look at lil sweetie
Jensie was sleeping but we took this anyway
Look who we added this year  :) 
My favorite part about Christmas.... the stockings.... Got new ones this year b/c we needed 6.  Love them!
Jesus is the reason for the season
ok I think we will stop now......
Sweet smile
Does he look excited or what?  Aunt Amy did good?
Always loves a Barbie! 
Duct tape, wire, wrapped several times.... all from his favorite sister in law
Nate had to get his saw out to cut thru the duct tape that my sister wrapped around and around his gift from her!!!
and the wire cutters for the wire wrapping  LOL
Lil Christmas Angel
Our Elf on the Shelf.... They named him "Buddy Christmas Orange"  :)
 Santa Claus and the Orange kiddos
 Big Sissy!
 She loves this dress... a good twirling dress :)
 Does not feel like posing in front of the Christmas tree on this day... lol
 He will.... for his mama :)
 Christmas Party at preschool
She is about to go on
 She was so sweet to watch

 Candy Cane Dancers
 Me and my candy cane princess
 such a sweet night watching her in her first recital
 It's the most wonderful time of the year :)
 Sweet pic!
 Little Doll
 Take my picture mommy
 just a little ball of fluff...oh my!
 Gunner was not up for pics... so its just the three of them
Happy Kiddos :)

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