Monday, March 31, 2008

Tea Time

Deer in headlights....
Playdough time
Just a swingin
Happy gal Singing to his sissy
Time for Tea
What Mama?

Miss Priss
"What else would you like me to do mommy?"
Loves dishes!
Squealin and Smilin

My Doll Baby

Whoo Hooo.... guess who's camera got fixed!
Purchase the warranty! It paid off this time! :)
Just a few pics from this week b/c I was a little camera
happy since I haven't had it in 3 weeks!
We got rained out of Tulipville
so we are going this Friday....
that's when the
beautiful pics will come! Can't wait!
We are all doing great!
Can't believe its the last day of March!
Emmie is 9 mths now.
.. her newest thing is waving! CUTE!
She is still scootin around the table and her walker....
Lord knows she will just have to beat her brother in walking!
I can't remember when exactly for him...
just during the 9th month.....
the competition is officially on!
I don't care if she is walking or crawling or sitting or laying....
she is my baby doll!
Yes, Kimberly, she REALLY IS! :)
You crack me up!
Noah had a fluke virus...
don't really know but he had fever
at night and fine during the day
.... then a rash... also he was an ANGEL....
It was definitely out of his system on Sunday....
had the usual church meltdown b/c he didn't want to leave,
then demanded a snack in the car, RIGHT NOW!
He is whiney and demanding at times and can be mean.
So needless to say, He's back! I thought something must have been wrong!
Ha! ok well here are pics of my baby doll and my big boy
who never wants his picture made so its becoming a challenge
to get some of him! Have a great week!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Little Easter "Chickies"

ok so I titled this with "Chickies" in the title
b/c that was my nick name growing up from
my Daddy. He called me "Chickie" and all the
little chickies out made me remember that
this Easter. ....Happy Spring to everyone!
Well except for whatever is in the air that
is making our eyes gunky!? What is up?
We have never had issues before... This
weekend.. we had several sickness scares...
thought we had pink eye...then fever and a
buhhhh from Noah so we missed out on 2 egg
hunts and a bday party :( BUMMER! Luckily
we woke up Easter morning with just some goop
eyes... ???? Can't explain it but would like someone
to? Its just me and Noah so what is wrong with us?
Ok so now that you are all grossed out... look at my
sweet babies and forget about our gross issues...
We are growing like all the pretty flowers and ready
for more sunny days! Here are a few pics of us lately.
Oh and fyi I am still waiting on my camera to get ready
so forgive the grainy pics... I am about to go nuts that
one of Emmie's dresses doesn't even look PINK b/c the
quality is yuck! Boo! ok time for American Idol so guess
I better post this baby! Happy Days!!!!

Daddy and his Baby Doll
Mommy and Me
Noah was hungry and coming down off his medicine high??? We seriously don't know...
Better now after his belly is full and having ice
cream with his darling best friend...
don't they just look like they don't have a care
in the world. Noah's ice cream is GONE!
Camille's is full b/c she is dainty and eating slow....
oh and of coarse GABBING like ALL GIRLS do! :)
"Noah, show me your bunny."
Finally he shows me but doesn't look at the camera.
My two angels
She is looking at this bunny.... this makes me melt

opening an Easter package from Tennessee... Nonna and Papa's
Who says girls can't drive tractors?
Roaring like a dinosaur in his sandbox
Bunny Love as Lovely as it gets
Pinko Suave'

Her dress is PINK!!!! :) Ha!
This is why you DON'T buy shave gel...

Sweetie Pie
Whooo Hooooo!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

From SnowBalls to Ice Cream Man

Here are a few pics of this last week....
sorry the quality is bad... still waiting on my camera
to be fixed or replaced.... Guess what... we DID purchase
the warranty! It was going to run out in May... so hopefully
they will be able to fix or replace it... we are thinking a
new one would be just fine? :)
We have gotton over our colds somewhat....
and now Noah has a nice new noggin...
just a little bit of Daddy/Son chase...gone BAD! :(
He played the pitiful little boy for quite a while
with an icepack on his head... I rigged him up with one
of my stretchy headbands to hold it on his forehead and he was pretty cute!
This week was like spring.... no snow...
we had our 1st popsicle purchased from the ice cream man
in front of our house.... it was cute! Daddy was
suckered in to buying 2? (For later, he said)
It was acually his idea. What was he Noah will expect 2 every time?
Also Noah has been taking swimming lessons.
He has been 3 times and he wil gladly go under the water
and loves it! He didn't mind before but I feel a little better
about some one teaching him the right way and all.
He loves going and Emmie loves to watch him through the glass.
ok so excited for Easter next weekend... more pics
to come then.... Can't any of you people get some
bunny rabbits for your kids as pets so we can all
borrow them for cute bunny pics?
Emmie Flinstone is driving fast! Don't take my picture!

Spider Man Popsicle from the icecream man
Check out my BOO BOO!
Trouble waitin to happen
Noah's swimming lessons
Whew...what good form of his favorite parts! :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Snow Babies

Finally...Here are the snow pics from our glorious Texas
snow day.... Noah and Nate built a "snow creature" well,
that is what it looked like...Nate put grass on it for hair...
pretty pitiful looking! :) I wasn't there so it was pretty
lacking in accessories! Ha! Emmie was sick so she stayed
in with her mama and we watched from the window. Time for a snowball fight
I'm not cold.... I could stay out here all day!

Snow ManEating Snow

The Real Snow Angel

Looking up at him with such awww

"You want to do what?"

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Soggy Blog!

ok so decided to update... really tired of my white
background that appeared out of no where???
so I chose a standard one for now b/c I can't click
on the link to the free ones anymore???? What?

So got my wagon pics and it wouldn't let me
add anymore pics???? so I decided to do two
separate posts... still won't let me add anymore...
So, my snow pics are on hold :(

My nose is stopped up, I can't breathe and my
bloggy blog won't work. What a BUMMER!
Blogs are for smarter people.... they didn't
require certain computer skills in Tennesse
schools... so I am minus those skills... so feel
smart if you can blog.

One last thing.....Proofreading your blog before
you post just makes you realize how dumb you
sound anyway. Can anyone take a stab at how
many times I said... "So," (Those Tennessee schools)
It's SO not my fault! :)

"W"eggin for Spring

Here are a few pics of us this past week...
enjoying the sunny weather... Pretty fun
letting someone else pull the wagon while
you enjoy watching and taking pics!
Noah didn't mind a bit... as long as he
got his turn, of coarse... which consisted
of faster/increased calorie burning by
mommy and daddy! :) Ha!

Emmie shredding her napkin.... could play with paper all day!

I use to pull my little sis like this too... this reminded me of a pic of us.

Say Cheez!

The ONE eyed beauty

Little Crazies!

Sunny Side Up!

Summer is SUNNY SIDE UP!!!! It’s been the kind of Summer this Mama loves! Sometimes we are one day at a time... one hour at a time. No plans...