Monday, August 8, 2016

"Summer Vacation With Benefits"

You know sometimes you just need a Simple Beach Trip with a simple house... a simple beach and simple food.  Not a lot of expense. Not a lot of fluff.  Not a 5 star resort with waiters and umbrella drinks or expensive airplane rides.  Because what do we REALLY want?  We just want time TOGETHER making memories and enjoying God's magnificent creation of the sand and the sea.  

As a mother of 4, It's hard sometimes to watch everyone else take their kiddos all across the world.  They are experiencing So many things that I still to this day have NOT. I know we could "make these trips happen".. But for us... it's just not what we want right now.  Sometimes I ask myself "Is something wrong with us?  Why don't we WANT to give our kids these types of summer vacations?" Then we have to reevaluate ourselves and ask if we are sure we don't want to take them to Disney or an exotic beach or a cruise.... But every time so far.... We just don't want to. We have our reasons.  Maybe it's because we didn't do those things growing up? Some things are just so special to do now as an adult.  I hope that one day my children will understand this and know it wasn't because we didn't love them any less.  It wasn't because we didn't want to experience wonderful things with them.  Cause we do!
 WE just thrive on the easy and the simple.
Don't get me wrong, There ARE a few things I would love to do with the kiddos...but there are a lot of things I will leave for them to choose on their own to do with their spouse or family or friends.

Our simple summer vacation this year had benefits of just watching them play in the ocean and build sand castles with brown sand while their dog runs with them and watches them... It just makes us happy. To be able to cook simple meals and bring it to the beach makes the daily mundane life seem exciting for a mother/wife.  I was so happy to bow our heads together beside the ocean with my family, serve them and watch them lick their plates and thank me over and over.  Then run into the ocean and be kids.  To me... that is a magnificent childhood.  I never experienced these things. I am overjoyed and grateful to give my kids a tiny beach house and brown sand. To me, that is a true summer vacation WITH BENEFITS!   

 1st night beach selfie!  
 Icee in a Mason Jar
 With My Love
 Redneck doggy bowl....
 Jensie's new things is ROARING and she ROARS at you and everything.... sometimes it's annoying and sometimes it's HILARIOUS

 A Boy
 Beach Bums
 Content with Sand.... thank you

 Happy to fish
 Building things is fun
 A dog that is smiling
 A View that is from Our Heavenly Father

 A Selfie with her dog
 Looking at the ocean.... Sonny is like.... "But why?"
 We buy our kids ice cream from the ice cream man on the beach and they continue to be ALL OVER their Daddy... Mommy is giggling and just has to snap a photo.

 Mornin Beach snuggles... this is a daily regimen for the Orange kids.
 Sometimes the eyes are as blue as the shirt..

 Jensie loves the beach
 Emmie loves to boogie board

 He could possible have a modeling career on the rise.... just not sure which animal he is yet?

 Jumping for Joy we are at the BEACH!

 Orange Family... 2016

 Me & the Honey

 Me & the Boys

 Me & the girls
 Daddy loves his girls
 and might dunk the boys!
 growing up so fast
 sister hugs
 Is he starting Middle School in less than 20 days???

 Smiling handsome
 You see those white dots glistening in her eyes?  Those are her stinker sparkles....


 Caught a catfish
 Some mother's get to go to resorts and lay out in the sun and don't hear kids for miles... 
 Mine buries me and slaps me on the bootie and laughs at it cause it shakes.... and I just lay there......
Help me!

 But she's so happy.... 

 If this ain't a sunset picture I don't know what is?

 All he wants to do!

 Night waves rock

Lovin it

 Beautiful FISH!  A Salt Water Drum!  Impressive Noah!!

 Our last night on the beach is always a picnic supper and our kids LOVE it and so do we!

Until next time.... That Was Dog Gone FUN!!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

"You Are the 'AR' In My heARt for 15 Years of Marriage"

 Happy Anniversary to US!  15 Years of Marriage and 22 years of being together... I think I love him.
July 28
 This picture is such the REALITY of our life.... Two married folks trying to get away from their kids for 5 minutes and they hear "peck peck" and turn around only to find the REASONS why we ARE who we ARE!  Annoyed looks on our faces but at the end of the day.... This is our Bunch of Oranges! WE Love to love one another!

 Nathan is always one for super sentimental and sweet gifts.  I LOVE my cutting board and use it ALL the time!  Nathan got some wood scraps from our staircase that he built and woodburnt our "O" for Orange on the top.  Then on the back our anniversary date and 15 years.  What a fun surprise gift!

 We left our kiddos for a night to have some time together and go to dinner and a surprise treat for Nate.  

 This man has wanted this gun for years and just won't ever "pull the trigger" and buy one.  He has a habit of being that guy that wears shirts from 15 years ago and looks for the best deal on EVERYTHING!  So me being the wife that doesn't mind a "splurge" every now and then... decided we needed to go together and pick out his new toy!  Such a neat experience and cool to hear all about these guys and their crazy shooting fun!  

 Even with a gift certificate.... he wouldn't even get one that cost the full amount... because he would rather put his money into the ammo or add ons later on.  

 I held one just to send our 11 year old a pic because he talks about "Daddy gettin one of these" all the time!

 Anniversary Selfie
 Happy with his gift
 hotel selfie trying to get the city in the background from the window...

What a fun little refresher.... "Farmers Market Mule" and some chip and salsa and queso served from mason jars!  SOO CUTE!
 Nathan took me to one of his favorite steak houses that I have never been to.  He has gotten to go for work stuff and always thought it was the best.  "III Forks"

 They brought us the Manderin Orange cake!  UMMMMM WOWWW!!!

There's the Big Dallas from our window!

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