Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lived In Texas For 11 Years....And We Finally Did It!! :)!

I have dreamt of this for years and years.... Why didn't we do it with each child as babies?  I kept thinking I will wait until my family is complete.... we will do it then?..Dumb? Yeah? I'm weird like that.  But let me just say.... if you are up for A LOT of BLUE...Continue On.... 

It ain't just the BLUEBONNETS of's the BLUE EYED ORANGE KIDDOS!!!  LOL!  
  All kids in white: CHECK 
 Bluebonnet Field: CHECK 
MeeMaw in town to take pics: CHECK
 A gorgeous evening: CHECK
Nonna & Papa's Easter basket goodies to bribe kids with: CHECK
A Patient, do what you tell him to Daddy: CHECK
A Happy Mama that AIN'T leavin until we get some good ones: CHECK
Some wonderful, photogenic, cooperative children: CHECK

Thank you Lord for these little blue blessings!  My home has now exploded in bluebonnet pictures because I am so proud of my babies and family!  :)  They are "More Than Words" to me!  I look at them and get instant happiness!  I thank them often for doing these pictures for their mommy!  :)
So time to share with all of you!  :)
Should I make this a yearly tradition now that my family is complete?  Shhhh, don't tell Daddy.... we will Surprise him next year!  :) 

Until next time.....

 My Little Princess is Getting so big!
 You HAVE to love this little boy!!

 Here she is.....The Angel Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE These Little Bluebonnet Babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 MeeMaw had to get in with her grandbabies!
 Daddy and Emmie Lou
 MeeMaw and Jensie Jewel
 Daddy and the Girls
 Mama and the Boys

 Mama and the Girls

 Daddy and the Boys
 Me and My Magnificent Mama
 Daddy has to do his "toss up"
 He is so giddy!

 Another family pic at the end.... the first one that is the new pic on my blog was the best one we could get
 Happy Baby
 Little boy blue come blow your horn
 The sheep is in the meadow, the cow is in the corn
 Pretty gal
 One day they will all hold hands.... :)

 The Beauty of the Bluebonnet
 The ladybugs even love them

Finally got everyone to look up at camera:  Gunner looks sad, Daddy isn't smiling and MeeMaw's hand is in the picture where she was trying to get their attention!  Ha Ha!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Did Your Eggs Hatch?

Our's Did!  All 4 of them! 4 Blue Eyed Chicks! :)
Spring has sprung!  Easter came!  Eggs were found and hatched tons and tons of candy.... 26 Cadbury eggs to be exact!!!!  What in the world do I do with that many Cadbury Eggs?????   All the chicks are crazy at our house!  The blue birds are sweet and the flowers are beautiful!  Everywhere you look, all the sounds you's God's amazing touch. I love this time of year! 

April has always been a favorite month of mine. 
I think of :
 Easter & Jesus & what He did for me and you
 Heaven and getting to see HIM (and  my Daddy too :)
  singing "Because He LIVES"
  my mama's birthday
my grandma's birthday
my father in law's birthday
 baby chicks
 easter baskets
 candy galore

 I hope you are all finding happiness and enjoying the beauty of the new season!  :)  Here are a few pics of my precious children and more to come! 
Next up:  Something I have wanted for almost 11 years now..... finally happened... and they are as beautiful as I have always imagined they would be.  :)

The mischievious 2 1/2 year old!
The "I don't hear anything you say" 7 year old!
The little picture poser almost 5 year old!!
How can you resist this grin????????
Love my minnie me
The sweet little perfect...little dumplin....little baby girl almost 5 month old!!!!
Hard to believe it use to just be these two!  Wow! 
"Mom, I can pop my smile for you anytime, any place."
Always ready to help with sissy
Wacky week at preschool.... she wore the gloves ALL day long!!!  Her teachers were cracking up!  Everytime she had to wash her hands she would ask her teachers to please put them back on for her.  :) 
Nothing but love
Honey Bunny
Funny Bunny
Toes taste the best!!!
Cuddle Bunny

Trouble Bunny

MeeMaw came!!!!!!!
Oh...the bubble fun!
Even 7 year olds love the pop bubbles
Date night.... can we get a picture together???  Let's see if hubby can cooperate? 
Take 2..... still acting like my 5th child....but I love it!!
Take 3.... this isn't looking very promising?
Take 4:  Me:...Hmmm let's stand here in front of our pretty roses....5th Child:  Let me show you my moves
Noah got 15 "fresh ones" from Aunt Sondra.... he was so impressed with their "newness"!!!  LOL
....and excited :)
Easter Morning
Sweet girl
You know your friend really loves your child when she puts "keys" in little Gunner's easter eggs!  Thanks Aunt Kimberly!!!!  :) 
Easter Chicks.... moments before the sky fell out!!!  :)
Egg hunt
Love hunting for eggs
and looking inside them to see what we got
Gunner was content with the 1st egg he found...stopped right there and started opening it up...all the while the other kids are racing around getting all the eggs... Gunner is in his own little world.  :)
Resting on Easter
Some really cool kids
Wow.... I turned the camera to the guys and immediately they all puffed up!  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HaHaHa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  See they couldn't hold it for long!
 Here are 4 of my Easter Blessings!!!!! 
 The best kids in the world... really... they are! 
 Easter Day 2012
Happy Easter!  Love, The Orange Family!

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