Monday, September 26, 2011

This Has Gotta Be The Good Life

Well September is almost over.... It is finally Fall...although it doesn't feel fally yet...well...some days maybe.  But it ain't 100 degrees so I won't complain!  :)  Hope everyone is doing good!  We are moving right along over here... Gunner has had all his celebrations of "Two-ness" and Noah and Emmie are loving school.  Mama and baby are hanging on...with 7 more weeks or less!!!  :)  I can't believe it!  It is flying!  She is the most active little thing in my belly.  I told Nathan it feels like an earthquake is going on in there all the time.  I am soooo gonna miss this part of pregnancy.... sniff sniff!  I am trying to soak it up!  I cannot believe I have almost had 4 babies and its over.  Much more to come I know...but I love babies!  :)  Now its time to carry on with this GOOD, GOOD LIFE and enjoy these little kiddos!  :)  Here are a few pics of me at 7 and now 8 months preggo, some precious ones of the kiddos and life with the Orange's.  LOVE!!

 7 months preggo!  :)
 7 month belly.... oh sweet belly button of mine....

Hello 8 months!!!!  :)
 Me and G with the other two at school
 At Noah's first baseball game this weekend... Emmie crammin popcorn... (I taught her well huh?)
 #5 ORANGE....that is right.... NOAH ORANGE!
 Ready to bat!
 Some chickfila after the game
 love some ice cream cones!
 Good times!!!  Love this!
 My three sweets!
 Smiling for mama
 Are we going to be photogenic? :)

 Good Gravy....he is almost 7!  Slow down time!
 Da Da :)
 Ma Ma :)
 Getting some Daddy pics
 Always happy to pose with Dad
 Gunner's choo choo cake...
 Gunner is holding up how old he is :)
 Happy Birthday to Gunner!  :)  McDonald's Style
 Ready for the cake
 Ready to blow out them candles
 Playing with the choo choo
 Let's see what's in here???
 Getting a haircut
Loves the car

Some airplanes from MeeMaw :)

These are the moments of the "good, good life"

Love them!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Gunner Michael! :)

I cannot believe my Gunner is 2! September 19, 2009 was a wonderful day when he joined our family!  And now my nine pound baby boy is now a skinny toddler that is so much fun!  He is so loved by all of us and brings so much joy to our family!  His big brother Noah and big sister Emmie are so sweet and so protective of him.  They are always making sure other kids are being nice to their little brother when they go to Chickfila!  Ha!  :)  It is too sweet!  Gunner was very excited about his big day and knew it was his bday!  :)  Next time you see him, ask him how old he is... :)  Too cute!  :) 
Hope everyone is doing great and having a happy week!  September is flying by!!! 

Is this cute or what?  They LOVE getting in my bed!  Yes, I let them eat popcorn :(  Nate just loves that when he crawls into bed...there is always at least a couple of crumbs.  :)
The three of them again... after school snacks and little bro in tow.  :)
Mr. Blue Eyes... look at that face!
Mr. Potato Head from Uncle Tai and Aunt Joanna :)
He loves it!
Happy Bday Doughnut! 
It's my bday!  :)
I am going to act 2 all day long!  :)
Ready for our celebration :)
Have you tried the new cupcakes with chocolate in the middle?  They are yellow with chocolate gooey in the middle! :)
Ready to blow out his candle... he LOVED to blow it out!  We kept lighting it and letting him do it over and over!  :)  Too cute! 
Licking it like a puppy dog
Daddy and the bday boy
Mommy and her toddler :(
The Orange kiddos
"Gunner, Show us your teeth"  This is what we got :)
"Gunner, blink your eyes"
His favorite gift... a truck that came with a drill and all kind of pieces to take on and off.... He played and played and played with it!!!!  :)  Thanks Nonna and Papa!  :)
Look at that face....
Time for a scooter like brother and sister's
Notice he has to have his drill too!  :)
Time for scooterin
Back to drilling with big brother

He was in his own little world :)
Wagon Wheel Spaghetti in honor of our 2 year old :)  Yum!
All partied out!  Night Night!  :)

Sunny Side Up!

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