Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"Life Is About Balance? What's On Your Scale?"

So I just finished up a bible study reading the book BREATHE- Making Room For The Sabbath  by Priscilla Shirer.  WOW!  What an incredible study. I don't always share about stuff like this but when I feel compelled to…well… I just do it.  :)  So read on if you want.  It's a lot of thoughts.  :)


For me, it was almost comical to study this in the first few months of school.  I immediately felt that PUNCH in my gut of conviction, of truth, of failure.  We all did.  I have done a lot of thinking about "Making Room for the Sabbath"…. It's not just about making room for the Lord ON the Sabbath for me…it's about the EVERY DAY!  Having that time with the Lord… prayer… scriptures…. study…. quiet time. It's about  giving him SO MUCH SPACE in my life that all the other things would have to be prioritized by HIM.  Quite frankly during the first few weeks of the book... I wanted to crawl under my sheets and hide because I needed to figure out how to BREATHE again… and real soon!

 It's so easy to let our daily regimens of our time with the Lord fall away with kids home for the summer and school starting and all the C-R-A-Z-Y!  It's like instead of breathing in the Lord…. we let all the STUFF suffocate us with a pillow!  We come up for air and get just enough to push out another day, another week…. of the CRAZY!  The BUSY!  We forget how to BE STILL and BREATHE…. See what the Lord has to say.  The more breaths you take with the Lord, the calmer you feel…. the clearer you see what you need to do in your day.   I have experienced this.  I have seen people spin their tail feathers until they fall… and it's sad…. WE do too much sometimes and try to do it on our own.  We get worn out, in a funk, unmotivated while grasping for a new plan…..

So… one day I was thinking of this and for a nice visual for myself and many others….. 
I thought of the word B-A-L-A-N-C-E…. 
I mean seriously if I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say or even said it myself…. "It's all about balance" …. "Balance is the Key"…. "Life is a Balance"  Honestly…. you know what I think?  I think Satan just LAUGHS…. I think he knows… we can't balance…. Our lives get fuller and heavier and more compacted with the stuff and the to dos.  Eventually our scale will T-T-Tip to the heavy end and Exhaustion will set in… We will fall on our faces and will eventually have to Reset.  It's like a constant yo-yo effect.  Balance/Out of Wack…. Balance/Out of Wack…. Yep… Satan laughs. He laughs at all the STUFF we try to put on our scale…. He laughs U-N-T-I-L……... 

 HE guides us as to WHAT to put on our scale and HOW MUCH to put on our scale and WHEN to stop adding things to it! BOOM!!!! How do you like that in BOLD?  

You see… We tend to have "ourselves be the scale" and we like to put God "on" it…but sometimes He comes last or doesn't fit…. Then all of our blocks tumble and we wonder why?  I mean… God was on there right?  Nope!  We can't just put him ON our scale… we have to Let HIM BE OUR SCALE!

So what does that look like for you and me?  Maybe some need to go GET THE SCALE!  It's free!  :)  God is free for you and me!  He wants to be our scale. Maybe it's wiping the scale and starting fresh?  Maybe It's time with Him first thing of a morning…  giving us a sense of direction for the day… a calm…. a vision. A sense of what we need to do in that day.  I also thought about produce and things at the store and healthy and unhealthy choices and how that balances or not…. It's kind of like our choices in life… Allowing our time to be spent in a healthy way doing what He wants us to do to bring glory and honor to Him and how God just won't allow us to put the bad on our scales… We may try but the scales just won't work right if you overload them with the bad, the unhealthy life choices.

So heres to dusting off the scales and looking at them in a new way!  Hope everyone is enjoying fall and the beautiful weather changes….  

Here are a few BALANCE pics….  and maybe even of few of what's been on my scales lately.  :)

So I made this as a visual… There are so many more blocks we could put on our scales…But God allows what we put on our scales with what we can handle.  Sometimes we may go through hard times where we beg the Lord to not put anything more on us… Life just feels too heavy.  I know I have been there and I know people going through those kinds of times…. WE have to rest in the scripture that He won't put more on us than we can bear.  He will always give us a way out.  That way out might be bulldozing some of the things on your scale.

This is so true…. but we can't balance unless we have the right scales!  :)

We all know sometimes we gotta give in and Be Still and don't rush and just see if the normal hustle bustle can rest for a day?  

You can do it!  If God rested… He can help us find rest too! 

My Crew :)

Sunday woke up to her birthday bunny since June dead in his cage from a bobcat… Emmie found him and it was awful… very sad day for this angel.

 Monday:  Me and Jensie took her lunch at school to check on her the next day and we got some smile…. 

 Tuesday: Got a call from the bunny man and got us a new bunny named Shadow!!!  Emmie is on cloud 9 again… 

 Thursday:  Get a call from the bunny man that they found babies that were Shadow's and they had come out of there nesting hole.  WHAT!  WE went from 1 bunny to 4!  He let us have the liter and trusted us to do our best to care for them so they could be with their mama and all would be well.

The furriest one is Thumper… He is a cutie.

It was a great discussion about loss…. how we lost one bunny but God blessed us with 4 more!  Our hearts are bunny happy!

Happy Fall!  Happy Coffee!  Happy Mama!

 bday parties… with the coolest cake ever!!!

 Love these little sweeties
 she cracks me up
 Oh Emmie!!!
 Wittle Pumpkins… won't you stay little?

 Emmie said she wants to be a farmer for real!  

 Painted faces! 

 Some days you gotta spice things up?  :)

 Or keep things sweet?

 birthday parties are fun with friends

I love their faces!

Keeping our happy faces on for baseball

 Or keepin it simple?

 Deer Lease Simple…. 

 Get it girl!  

 WE love the tire swing

 just pretty cactus 
 What's next guys?

 On a little walk with my little adventure kids while the sun is settin

My boys huntin 


 All pile in the truck for some fishing

 Her 1st School Picture… sniff sniff

 Fall Festival at our school… it's all about the sugar and games

 Emmie and her besties with their bunny faces

Wrapping up a fun filled weekend with gorgeous fall weather, white chicken chili and mexican cornbread…. don't forget the sweet tea and best family in the world sitting around this table!  

Next up:   You Guessed It!  Halloween… what will we be?  
More Birthdays?  What!  :)

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