Thursday, March 21, 2013

"A Homestyle Spring Break"

 What a fun week!  My kids said it was the "Best Spring Break Ever!" So I guess I got an "A"???  :)  I was ramped up this year to have a little something planned everyday and make it a surprise... clues.. sometimes something little...sometimes something awesome...sometimes at home...sometimes going somewhere close! So this is our Spring Break...HOMESTYLE!!  :)  They LOVED every minute!  The week flew and I was sad to see the normal start back.  Usually I am so ready for back to normal...but not this time!  So I guess my kids were "A" students huh?  :)  Ha!  Here is a peek at our fun days of Spring Break!  :)  Happy Spring Everyone!

 The beginning ...clues: sunglasses, socks and a note with a drawn bed on it and initials of their friends. Sunday was sleepover fun, Oz and Trampolines!!!  They went NUTS!!!!  This could not have come at a better time because I woke up with a some little stomach bug that made me sooo nauseas all day and my precious friend took 2 of my kids!!!!  Thank you LISA!!!!  I owe you big time!!!

 3D Fun!
 Too cool dudes
 Jump time
 Monday was "Move a lot Monday"....

 Gunner takes breaks for "play till you win" candy game

Cutie pies

 Happy skaters

 Milkshake Monday!

 Play time

 Treasure Hunt Tuesday!

 Look how excited WE are???

 They are skipping at their prizes and I am smiling at my dollar spot finds :)

 MMM.... Candy??

 The Last "clue card" had a picture of me and Nathan and that was where their "treasure" was... so they started coming towards us and we pulled out these water bottle sprayers and got em... GOOD!!!  They Loved it!!!

 Then I let them get Daddy!

 Water Balloon Wednesday and Dig for WORMS Wednesday... with dollar spot shovels :)

 Tutti Fruiti Thursday!  They LOVE this place and we don't wear it out... try to make it a special thing... yogurt!  Cake Batter is yumm yumm! :)

 Loved it!

 Happy Boy!

 Happy Girl!

 I mean... Look at the spoon... that ought to tell ya...

 Helping Mommy with beautiful flowers!

 They all helped with one pot each and "got distracted" because Noah found a lizard... Then they found 3 Lizards!  It's a Spring Break Miracle!!!!  They all had their OWN LIZARD!  LOL
 His lizard liked to sit on him...

 I LOVE planting flowers!  I love my little helpers surrounding me!  These are Emmie's favorite!

 This is my HAPPY!  Thank You GOD!

 WATER must come out on 82 degree days!!!


 Look at that cutie pie

 Lovin it!

 Crazy hair!

 Just for a pic...I didn't let them!  :)  But they would have !

 Ready for summer!

Friday was Friend Day with friends at the park and lunch!  Gorgeous weather!  Then Saturday was popsicle day... we got to have several! :)
 All the while of our festivities... Daddy left midway through to go have some "quality brother time" This is our precious nephew Ethan that is already 3 months old!  I am jealous Uncle Nathan got all my sugar! Joanna!  Your are the best!  Thank you for sharing your hubby so these boys could make some memories!  I love you and can't wait for our sisterinlaw time!  :)




 Happy fellas

Always something special for me and the kids :)

The background says it all... so happy these two got to ski and spend time together!  

 Daddy returned for our last day of spring break surprises... sunday was See Lots of Animals Day!  The Zoo!!!  Man they squealed when daddy accidentally slipped after picking him up from the airport!

 Mama and Baby

 Emmie Loves Giraffes

 I love these beautiful birds!

 Too precious!

 I hope that glass is strong!  Or I might be minus a kid!

 KING Cobra!!!

 Jensie couldn't stop looking at the monkies

 These pics are hilarious!

 I LOVE this!  That gorilla is hilarious!

 Gunner and Gorilla Gazing!

 Gunner and Gorilla Gazing!

Ending our spring break.. glad you're home Daddy....'s back to Normal.....

Next up... a super special visitor, a super special talent, and super "Egg"cited about Easter!

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