Tuesday, March 20, 2018

“Chickens & Bunnies & Pigs...Oh My!!!”

Can you smell it??? Can you hear it?  Don't worry, you will get use to it. The smell of the barn & the chickens gettin everyone good & awake. It's that time of year when all the livestock come together, all the hard working kids congregate, all the mamas & daddies gather so happy to give their children this little piece of goodness on earth.... It's the Tarrant County Junior Livestock Show!  This is when our sweet Emmie is smiling from ear to ear for days!  She is nervous, excited & just plum happy!  It makes it ALL WORTH IT! I love seeing her beautiful smile & sweet little braids. I don't necessarily love the disappointments..... I think I want it for her more than I thought I did.  She was really wanting to get Showmanship this year.  This is when she lines up with kids and shows the judge the parts of the rabbit, flips it, turns it, answers all kinds of questions, & basically has to impress the judge with her knowledge.  This child has studied all year. She has made little books with all kinds of questions & answers.  She even brought one of them to the stock show & when I found it, that's when the tears started filling up my eyes.  Even though she was holding it together, I could feel her heart.  I wanted it soooo bad for her.  She deserved it.  I know it's times like these that kids feel the disappointments of life & they move on & learn from it & even become stronger. 
 I know all that, but I wanted it for my little girl.  
She loves her rabbit & works with her all the time & truly wanted it!  
The good news is.... there is always next year!!!!  We did have an extremely hard judge this year who even said her rabbit is basically "not the breed she thought".... well at least it's not a Full Satin.  It's not from a breeder.  It is from our sweet bunny friends... who also came to see Emmie in the pics below. She is not a pure bred Satin rabbit.  This year it could have gotten her disqualified. He told her he wasn't gonna disqualify her, but to get her checked before entering her in any more shows. :( 
So..... it's time. Time to look into getting a "show rabbit"..... :) That's kind of exciting because we are gonna get a breed (Mini Lop) we have always loved and it's great for these shows. There aren't a whole lot entered which would up our chances to placing.  You would know it that I found the nicest lady at the stock show with a Mini Lop & connections to a breeder.  Just talking about that with Emmie made us both feel excited for what's to come & an exciting new adventure with a new rabbit.  
More bunnies ahead at the Orange Home!  Yay!  Anything for this hardworking child who puts in "what it takes" to care for animals.  She is in her "happy place" doing it & we want to continue to nurture that!  

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