Thursday, July 20, 2017

"I Don't Want Any Presents... Just A Goat"

  I should have posted this back in June before our Tennessee trip, but for some reason it didn't post.  I definitely don't want to leave out Emmie Lou's special 10th birthday!  We love looking back and remembering these special moments.  
How can you resist this animal loving child?  She cares for her 15 ba-jillion bunnies and gets up early every morning to do her "work".  She enjoys it and doesn't seem to want to give it up anytime soon.  She has begged for goats for some time.  It's been a huge decison in making sure we could provide the right home for them and care.  We decided to go for the dwarf nigerian goats b/c they are miniture and don't get any taller than your knees.  You have to get two because they are herd animals and need one another.  You truly can't provide enough attention for them unless you are with them 24/7.
We surprised her early on Father's Day actually... which was really special since her Daddy is the one extending and building an amazing goat pen.
Her 10th birthday is one she will never forget I am sure of it!
We love you so much Emmie Lou!

Waiting to be seen by the vet.

Sonny, a bunny & a goat
Life on the suburban farm

The day she got her two baby goats

Happy Family

The Best Daddy in the world
Happy Father's Day giving up your special day to make your daughter's special day a big surprise.

Everyone loves the goats

We got to bottle feed for 2 weeks.  What a neat and fun experience

helping daddy with the building

they love to graze in the backyard

They love Emmie and follow her everywhere

We don't do big parties every year for the kids, but this year she wanted a few friends to come over for some animal time 

I had a blast getting all the details prepared.

Emmie gets into all the details too.  We had so much fun!

She only wanted ice cream for her special day

Loves her Daddy

Had a few friends sleep over the night before her actual birthday and party.  They love the animals and want to clean up the bunny barn

Pancake breakfast

Her party... every one of them has an animal to hold

A Simple celebration with sweet friends

Daddy is the artistic one and leaves her a chalkboard message for her special day

A backyard party where the animals graze

Opie and Willie

Fun times

Love my angel

This mama certainly didn't mind putting on my apron and letting my accent be thick for this country party

Swimming in the "duck pond" with 50 rubber duckies was hilarious

Good old fashioned bobbin for apples... hilarious

ice cream cones for the birthday girl and her friends

Such a sweet party.  I will never forget it. It was fun getting to be around all her friends and take in this special age.

Watching her open gifts was sweet

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