Thursday, June 25, 2009

Emmie's "2" & Galveston Skies Were Blue! :)

Well June has been busy! Nate turned 32... Emmie turned 2 and we celebrated Father's Day with friends at the brown beach of Galveston! :) It's been hot, hot, hot! I am officially starting my 3rd trimester! Whoa! I'm exhausted and achin at times but if you just give me some watermelon and occasional starbucks caffine.... I think I can make it! Hope you are havin a spendid summer! :) Teddy Bear Love!
The Barbie Princess Cake I made for Emmie! Yes, I really did! :) Sooo Fun!

Emmie's Teddy Bear Buddies

Noah and his super monkey named "Curious George"


Look, he even has a fun side!

Shovin Cake

Make a wish Emmie! No wait... Don't! Mommy & Daddy already did! They wished "2" wouldn't be Tooty Terrible!

Emmie picked out the BROWN puppy dog over the PINK poodle.... I asked her 3 times! Ok fine... at least the brown puppy got to wear a pink princess dress and hat! :)

Putting her star in :)

Me and my baby girl!

She wanted all of these! Nathan told her to get a JOB!

A close up of Barbie!

One of my favorite people! We don't like our beach blown hair!

The Beach Hunk!

Just a Wadin....

Happy Beach Birthday to Emmie!

Miss June 2009

Uhhhh....we won't claim a month here! Only cute b/c she is little and of coarse b/c of the pink high heels!

Desperate Beachwives of Galveston

He's ready to find anything

My Beach Boys!

Soakin up the sun


What are we going to do about this?

The Orange Gang!

Collecting LOTS of seashells

Content with a solo cup.... left her bucket at the beach house. OOPS!

Pretty girls in Pink pickin flowers! Love this! Especially the huge diaper she is sportin

Happy Silly Father's Day!

Floatin in the Lazy River Pool! Sooo Fun!

Until next year..... Soak up some Sun!


Melanie said...

Wow...very impressed with your cake making skills!! Happy Birthday, Emmie!

The Campbell Family said...

Happy 2nd Emmie Lou! Love, love, love the pics - and great minds think alike...I have the same swimsuit! You look fabulous...stay inside and stay COOL!

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